Girlfriend Episode 1

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This is episode #1 in my new series Girlfriend. I hope you guys like it! I spent a lot of time thinking of what to put and typing this. So I really do hope you like it.

This story I would say is for like 10 and up. I'm 10 and I made this, so yeah. So 10 and up is good. Most people on this are 10 and up so there should not be a problem. Thanks!

Created by: Bubbles1774

  1. Girlfriend Episode 1 is about to start. Please turn off all cell phones and any other noise making devices. Thank you.
  2. VERONICA'S VIEW. " Hey Jake!" Ally said,kissing Jake on the cheek. Ally has short red hair and green eyes. She has glasses and is a major nerd. Jake,who has short black hair in brown eyes must had fallen under her spell. She has a way of making people like me. Me,on the otherhand,am perfect for Jake. I have long black hair and brown eyes. I'm a little bit emo like him. And Ally's so whatever,he can do so much better. And I have a plan to steal him from her.
  3. ALLY'S VIEW. " Hey Ally," Jake said. He ran his fingers threw my short red hair and kissed me. " Whom shall you have as a science partner?" I asked. " Um don't start using big words," Jake said." I have Veronica as a science partner," he said to me. " Oh," I said. That b*tch! Shes going to try to steal Jake from me! I thought. I smiled at Jake and said I had to go home. He nodded and walked away. I have to try to figure out how to keep Veronica from stealing Jake.
  4. JAKE'S VIEW Ugh. Women. How do you choose just one? I sighed. Who should I choose? Ally is smart, but bossy. All she has is her brains. Veronica has the brains,and the looks. She's hot and she has the brains. She not nerd smart, just normal smart, unlike Ally who is nerd smart. I knew who I wanted, and I am gonna get her. :)
  5. VERONICA'S VIEW Jake walked up to me. " Can you meet me after school at the park?" he asked. " Sure," I said.
  6. ALLYS VIEW Jake walked up to me. " Hey Ally. Can you meet me after school at the park today?" he asked. " Okay," I said.
  7. HAM THE DOG'S VIEW Im a dog. I sniff other doggies butts. My owner, Jake, is taking me to the park. Maybe I can catch a squirl. Or a bird! YUM! Wait. Who are you? Are you a squirl? Are you a bird? AHH ITS A HALF SQUIRL HALF BIRD THING!!! RUNNN!!!
  8. JAKES VIEW " Come on Ham! " I said to my dog. Veronica and Ally stood in front of me. Wait? Where's Ham? I walked behind a tree. " Aw Ham! Now I gotta pick that up!!! Ham!!" I said as he did his buisness.
  9. HAM THE DOG'S VIEW Haha. My owners mad. Lol. I did my buisness. Wait is that you!??! AHH SQUIRRL BIRD THINGY!!!! RUNNNNN!!!!
  10. That's all for now!!! Tell me in the comments if you want me to continue!!! Thanks!!!

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