The Girlfriend Test

My girlfriend is swimsuit model Desirée Greer. I know what it takes to make a girl "girlfriend material", and I will pass this information on to you. I have compiled a simple list of ten questions you should answer before making any girl your girlfriend. This is a fool-proof way to determine whether she has what you're looking for, or whether you should move on to greener pastures.

Is the object of your interest worthy of becoming your next girlfriend? Take this short quiz and find out, unequivocally, whether she's worth spending your time and energy on!

Created by: Matt Weems
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  1. Is she attractive? Is she hot? This means pretty face, nice hair, nice body. When you look at her, do you want her?
  2. Is she young? Is she relatively in-shape and wrinkle-free? Is everything firm, tight, and where it's supposed to be?
  3. Is she innocent? This means she hasn't been with a large number of other sex partners. There are still some things you can teach her.
  4. Is she clean? Does she take care of herself hygienically? Does she shave where she needs to shave and take steps to smell nice in those hard to reach places?
  5. Is she faithful? Can you count on her to be where she says she'll be - and not cheating on you with another guy? Does she care about you enough to stay with you even if she finds one or two things more attractive about someone else?
  6. Does she have a reasonable personality? Can you introduce her to people and not have them dislike her? Do you truly enjoy spending time with her, other than in the bed?
  7. Is she intelligent? Airheadedness can be cute - even hot. Idiocy is never attractive. Can she at least hold a conversation, spell, and read well?
  8. Is she feminine? Does she dress age (and body type) appropriately? If she's a hot young girl with a nice body, she should dress and act like it - not like a tomboy, or a middle-aged woman.
  9. Does she come from a decent family? Would you want to possibly have her family someday be a part of your family if you two were to marry? If you can't stand her family, or if they're trashy, get out now.
  10. Does she have class? She should be able to put on a dress and heels and look the part - not like an embarrassment to herself (or to you). A girl should be a lady in public, and a slut in the bedroom.

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