Where The Grass Is Greener...

Where the grass is greener

Is a place in your heart

Created by: GinnyGirl
  1. You wake up to the sound of your alarm clock singing set fire to the rain. 'Shut up stupid alarm clock' (me: " ' " means you are thinking it. ) you angrily punch it and brake it. "oops" you say. You get out of bed a get dressed into
  2. After that you run out the door so you aren't late (me: your alarm clock is slow lol). When you get to school you see your friends Josh and Shantelle. "Hey _____!" Shantelle says smiling at you! "Hi! " you reply. "How was your weekend ?" Josh asks you.
  3. "I went to that new restaurant down the road. You know, The 'Songbird'" OMG! Cool cool cool! What was it like?"you and Shantelle say at the same time. "Uhh... Like any restaurant I guess.." *ring ring* that was the school bell! You run to your locker grab your books and go to
  4. Next you have free period. You decide to fix up your hair before meeting your friends. {in the bathroom} You take you hair out and put the hair tie aside. You stop and look a moment at yourself in the mirror. The you see at the tips of your long black hair, there is blue, green, white and red. Although they are faint you can still see it. You slowly back away from the mirror and run out.
  5. You are in such a rush you don't notice that the whole time you were I there a small spiral of water was moving around in the sink below your hand.
  6. You walk out to the school gardens, inspecting your hair, and sit down. You look around and see that almost all the plants around you are dead. You look off into the distance and see a few boys watching you, but when you look again they are gone. Your thoughts.
  7. You get up to go and look, not looking back to see that the plants are all revived. You are already to weirded out.
  8. You walk over to the spot realizing that it is the camping grounds. The are still a few campfires going but only 4. You have a look around but don't see anyone then you hear something in the bushes. You grab stick and move towards the sound.
  9. You don't REALISE that you walked straight through a fire.
  10. Then you turn around and see...
  11. Thankyou for taking this! Please comment and rate! Thankyou! Tell me if you liked it! Lol

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