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  • "Diana was only vaguely listening to Demetria. She was busy studying a jar next to her. It was filled with strange creatures, like sea urchin..."
  • "Diana smiled. "Then you'd probably be right." She replied. She daintily stepped away from the spilled liquid. She didn't if it had that affe..."
  • "Diana stepped inside silently, looking around. She was careful not to bump Iggy against anything. Glancing behind her, the young naiad gentl..."
  • "Diana nodded again and glanced at Kaede. She sihed and began walking as fast as she could-not trusting herself to run. The floating cocoon f..."
  • ""Iggy!" Diana said, as the shadow wrapped around the little red haired girl. She couldn't do anything. Just stare, in shock. No. No, no, ..."
  • "(Bump)"
  • Whoo
    " It'"
  • Whoo
  • I am all alone :(
    ":( Well, Goodnight or morning or afternoon or whatever!"
  • I am all alone :(
    "Cool. *gasp* Santa just drove by in a firetruck!"
  • I am all alone :(
    "Told you the cookie would help! I'll add that to my list. *pulls out super duper long list and writes it down*"
  • I am all alone :(
    "Want a cookie? * holds out cookies* It might help you remember."
  • I am all alone :(
    "Ooh. Okay. I'll check it out. My friend read this one where Draco and Hermione are transported to the middle ages and Hermione's a princess...."
  • I am all alone :(
    "Better be Slytherin. Harry goes to the infirmary. A lot. No thanks to the Bloody Baron. Yay! *nibbles mint chocolate cookie*"
  • I am all alone :(
    "Harry Potter. He's in Slytherin. And its pretty damn awesome. :D Long time no post? I dunno. Last time I saw you you stole my"

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