Your Magical Love Story Part 2

This is about magic you.

This is about magic you too.

Created by: GinnyGirl
  1. ~recap~ there is thunder lightning and no rain.
  2. You lay in bed listening to the thunder and lightning. You all of a sudden realise that there is no rain. You get up and go to your window. You see
  3. You gasp *gasp* ( me: that was you gasping ) outside there is
  4. A bright light is glowing so brightly that you have to look away. When you look back there is horse. It has horn sticking out of its head
  5. Then it hits you. It is a UNICORN!! ON YOUR STREET!! How could you forget what they look like!? You didn't know that they even existed but seeing one made you feel happy inside. Then it started changing to sadness. The unicorn brought back memories you used to cry over each night.
  6. I tear runs down your cheek. You stared a bit longer and then the unicorn looked up at you. You dove back to bed. For some reason you didn't want it to see you.
  7. Unicorns P.O.V- ok. Keep calm. _____ should be asleep. Oh c**p there she is! Keep still don't move. He'll kill me if I'm seen.
  8. If only my rider was here I could consult her but noooo he had to make me go and spy on her SOLO
  9. Your P.O.V- wait a sec is that unicorn
  10. Hi thanks this is the second part in the series Your Magical love story. I wont be able to post the next one until probably next Friday. Sorry

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Quiz topic: My Magical Love Story Part 2