dragonriders and devilbringers

You are about to go on an epic quest. Are you a fully fledged dragonrider or a fully fledged devilbringer? This is a story that you will love! Enjoy!

This is a story that you will completely fall in love with. If you like it comment and rate then I will make a part 2. Take this quiz and you won't be able to stop, but who cares?

Created by: DeathStar321

  1. you awaken from a terrible dream. You've had that dream a lot these past few days. It was a dream of noble warriors on dragons and warriors that summon demons from the netherworlds. Their fighting for something but what? 'Dragonriders and devilbringers' a unfamiliar voice keeps whispering in your head.
  2. 'Why are they fighting?' you ask the voice.'They are fighting for you, dear child' the voice answers.'Why?' 'For you are special akuta' it answers.'Why did you call me akuta I'm ______'.
  3. 'Answer me!' you yell. 'In due time,child. In due time.' is all the voice said, the vanished. *What was that all about?* you think.
  4. You keep wondering what akuta means. ***Time forward till morning*** You wake up and get dressed. You want say good morning to your grandma, but can't find her. You eat a silent breakfast and go to school. *Why must I go to school?*
  5. You arrived at school but nobody's there. *Where is everyone?* you think to yourself. Suddenly you notice every thing is quiet. No cars, no birds, no people, nothing. You look everywhere and not a living thing in sight.*Something very strange is going on.* You decide to look out of town for life. Nothing. Not even a bug. You decide to go home and figure this out.
  6. You got home and thought you were seeing things. There in your front yard, was a blue dragon. Just like in your dreams. What was happening?
  7. You suddenly felt a hand on your shoulder. You nearly screamed. A guy with shortish black hair, hazel eyes, flawles tan skin and a muscular build stood behind me. 'What the?'you started. 'My name is Nathan. I'm here to take you to a safer place'. He said.
  8. CLIFFHANGER sorry about that! What do you think of my quiz/story?
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