are you a true demigod?

some people aren't fully human. those people, are called demigods. the only question, are you one? take this quiz and see if you are part god or fully human!

this quiz was made out of boredom. i also just watched the move percy jackson: the lightning thief. i'm also a big fan of the books. so i decided to make this quiz. enjoy! :D

Created by: firegirl88

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  1. do you think that someone in your life doesn't seem quite human? and seems to enjoy torturing you more than a normal enemy?
  2. do you have ADHD?
  3. what about dyslexia?
  4. have you seen anything supernatural before? anything you couldn't explain?
  5. do you feel like you have deja vu a lot?
  6. do you feel that one of your parents aren't your real parents?
  7. do you have a friend that doesn't seem normal?
  8. when your alone, do you think your being watched?
  9. do you sometimes control your dreams, and are they vivid?
  10. do you strange fears?
  11. do you feel that bad things happen to you a lot more than other people?
  12. do you think your one?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true demigod?