Are You A Demigod?

You've read the Percy Jackson books, and they have got you wondering: Are you a demigod? You want to believe you are one, but how do you know for sure?

Are YOU a demigod? Has your mother/father been hiding something from you your whole life? Is one of your parents a god or goddess? How do you know? With the help of my amazingly accurate quiz, that's how! Good luck!

Created by: Shelly Marie
  1. Does it seem like one of your teachers isn't entirely human?
  2. Do you have dyslexia?
  3. Do you have ADHD?
  4. Have odd things happened that you can't explain?
  5. Have you ever experience deja vu?
  6. Does it ever seem like you mother or father isn't really your parent?
  7. Does one of you friends seem abnormal?
  8. Do you ever feel like you're being watched or followed?
  9. Do your dreams often come true?
  10. Do you have an irrational fear, such as spiders, heights, the dark, etectra, etectra?
  11. Do you think you could be a demigod?
  12. Last question! Are you glad?
  13. FOOLED YOU! How do you like that?
  14. Have you read the Percy Jackson books?
  15. How do you like my quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Demigod?