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Millions of people watch NCIS each day it premieres, but few know the true ways of the NCIS team. Many people try to study up to be a full-fledged NCIS fanatic, but it is rare that a person shapes up to be a fully committed NCIS super fan.

Do you have what it takes? Do you watch so much NCIS that you can look at many of the quotes of NCIS and know exactly who said them? Take my quiz to find out if you're a good NCIS super fan! It's time to study up!!

Created by: ncisawesomeness

  1. Okay, time for quote number one: "You do not have the right to remain silent. You do not have the right to an attorney. If you want an attorney, you won't get an appointment to see one. Do you understand these rights you don't have?"
  2. "You have ten seconds to tell me why I am not building a Teque hot tub in Mexico."
  3. "Your dying words will be, "I've seen this film!"
  4. "Sure, you guys can work on that...while I figure out how he got it out of the basement!"
  5. "Why do I even bother having a door?"
  6. "I've been thinking about buying some tight, red leather pants. Something that really cradles my butt."
  7. Now we're going to do something a little different. Each answer is in order (meaning Speaker #1 is the first person listed.)You guess what the conversation is between:(Speaker #1): "This is turning into a circus." (FBI comes) (Speaker #2): "Here come the clowns."
  8. (Speaker #1): "I was just thinking about the day I married Diane." (Speaker #2): "Why?" (Speaker #1): "Eh- it stirs up memories." (Speaker #2): "Yeah, bad ones." (Speaker #1): "Not really- our heads were in the clouds, we were giddy kids- we were in love!" (Speaker #2): "Aw, you probably had the flu." (Speaker #1): "Oh, c'mon, before it got bad, there must have been some good times?" (Speaker #2): "She caught her finger in the car door once."
  9. (Speaker #1): "With traffic I wasn't expecting you for another hour." (Speaker #2): "I drove." (Speaker #1): "Enough said."
  10. (Speaker #1): "What's your clearance?" (Speaker #2): "Confidential." (Speaker #1): "Confidential? What'd you do, kill someone in high school?" (Speaker #1): "Hah! Funny. No, they messed up my paperwork with another agent's." (Speaker #3): "Apparently, he/she died in a car crash last month. Very tragic."
  11. (Speaker #1): "You don't know what I've been doing. I haven't seen you in months." (Speaker #2): "And whose fault is that? You only call when you need something." (Speaker #1): "Well, apparently when I need grief."
  12. (Speaker #1): "Now where are you going? You're not gonna walk up there and start accusing people, are you?" (Speaker #2): "I thought I'd drive."
  13. (Speaker #1): "I always make it a point to return home after an adventure, unlike some people. Does he/she ever talk about me?" (Speaker #2): "I think I heard him/her refer to you as dead." (Speaker #3): "Uh, you probably misheard him/her."
  14. (Speaker #1): "You drive like a maniac!" (Speaker #2) : "It's my impression of you!"
  15. Alright, we're back to the regular quotes!! "That it's a Saturday and we are all here on our day off...because we...love our jobs!"
  16. "Reminds me of the time...a part of my life I will share will you later."
  17. "Someone stole my cupcake."
  18. "Somebody wasn't hugged enough as a child."
  19. "Well, if you hadn't made that comment about her tattoos, we wouldn't be in time out. Six minutes left."
  20. "You sound like a jealous husband."
  21. "I'm calling Sec Nav before the two of you get in a saber duel in the parking lot!"
  22. "Everywhere you go, kid, someone gets shot!"
  23. "It would help if the investigators didn't PUKE all over the crime scene."
  24. "Well, that's my name, it's not my signature, but that's my name. And to think I almost made it an entire year without being accused of murder."
  25. "Butt out McGee. Butt off my desk, Borin."
  26. "I don't know if a head slap coming down the aisle is the ideal Kodak moment."
  27. "If the shoe fits..."
  28. "Runs like a health nut and eats like a snob."
  29. "Because I wanted him restrained. Not beaten to the pulp with a baseball bat."
  30. "So, pirates that weren't really pirates, who were actually Russian soldiers, were on a covert mission to steal a Navy research ship that wasn't actually a Navy research ship to get back nuclear weapons that we thought they didn't think we had retrieved?"

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