Are you a true NCIS fan? think you know NCIS? Well, then I challenge you to take this quiz and see if you truly are an NCIS Fanatic.If you get at least an 85% on this difficult quiz, i will dove thee a great NCIS fanatic and you, too, can join the elite NCIS fanatic club

Answer questions about all season. 1-7. Do you know about Kate? What about Ziva and all her past secrets? And Tony? He may not be the most private person, but do you know everything about him??? WELL TAKE THIS QUIZ AND FIND OUT!

Created by: Molly

  1. When did NCIS premiere?
  2. NCIS is a spinoff of what show?
  3. In what season did Kate Todd die?
  4. How did Jenny Shepherd die?
  5. Who likes to work alone?
  6. Who is the only one allowed to call Ducky, "Duck"?
  7. What is Abby's favorite word?
  8. What is McGee's pen name when he writes his novels?
  9. Oh, by the the way... I took your advice... and went with mom..." Who said this?
  10. Who did Ziva used to work for?
  11. What is Gibbs' daughter's name?
  12. What is Tony's dream car?
  13. Who was Ziva secret boyfriend/Mossad partner?
  14. Where are Ziva and Dinozzo trapped, in the episode "Boxed In"
  15. Who is a health freak?
  16. What does Abby name the dog that is being charged for murder?
  17. What does McGee download on to his ipod that he received from Abby?
  18. How many languages does Ziva speak?
  19. What is the number 1 rule for Ziva?
  20. Who made Gibbs remember everything after his coma?
  21. HOW did Gibbs remember anything
  22. What was Kate's biggest fear?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true NCIS fan?