Do you know NCIS?

NCIS is one of the best shows ever! My favorite character ia Abby. She's soo cool. In this show a team of agents investigates crime scenes. Leroy Gethro gibbs, the leader of the team tried to retire but ended up coming back.

If you think you know NCIS then you should take this quiz. I, personally have all 3 seasons and am going to get the 4th when it's released. If you've never seen this show, this quiz is not for you.

Created by: Emilie

  1. Who is the director?
  2. Who is the senior field agent?
  3. Who is Kelly?
  4. Is Gibbs the leader of the team?
  5. What time and day is this show on?
  6. Who killed Ari?
  7. Who was Jhon?
  8. What color are Gethro's eyes?
  9. What is Ziva?
  10. What does NCIS stand for?

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Quiz topic: Do I know NCIS?