How Well Do You Know NCIS?

How well do you know you've NCIS? Do you watch it NCIS regularly? Do you know any of the characters actors names? Have you seen one episode or never missed one?

So do you know every episode down to the last detail? Are you taking this test to prove what you know? See how much you actually know or prove you've never seen it before? Prove your knowledge in this quick quiz!

Created by: Tabetha of Bones and NCIS Fan
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  1. What does NCIS stand for?
  2. What words best describe Abby Sciuto?
  3. Who died in Season 2?
  4. Who does Mark Harmon play?
  5. Who is Tony dating in Season 4?
  6. Which of these is not an NCIS Character?
  7. What episode did Tony DiNozzo find out about the Wet T-shirt competition Caitlin Todd won?
  8. What animal does Tony wake up next to in Minimum Security?
  9. Who stops the Water from hitting the dead body in Eye Spy?
  10. What is Donald Mallard know as?
  11. How does Tony say his last name?
  12. Last Question - What channel is NCIS on in Australia?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know NCIS?