How well do you know the show: NCIS

NCIS is popular, do you watch it? If you do, then take the ultimate quiz! Get ready to find out how much you know about NCIS! Are you ready, you sure? Ok then! GO GO GO!

How much do you know NCIS? Find out right here, and right now. Come on, I'm waiting, I know you want to take this quiz. Are you ready? Get set... and GO! I SAID GO! TAKE THIS QUIZ AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!!

Created by: Bloodflame66

  1. Who is the leader of the main team?
  2. Who's the one that gets most of the American phrases incorrect?
  3. Which two people work on finding out the time of death, and what caused the victim's death?
  4. Who is the newest director?
  5. Who is the ferenzic scientist?
  6. Who is the person that got shot int he head by Ari?
  7. Who is the one that replaced Kate's position?
  8. Who is the one that kill Ari?
  9. How many times was Gibbs married? How many times was he divorced?
  10. What does Gibbs work on in the basement of the NCIS building?
  11. What other crime investigating teams have they met?
  12. How many people are on Gibb's team (including Gibbs)
  13. What does NCIS stand for? Yes, they do tell you in the show!
  14. What does NCIS stand for? Yes, they do tell you in the show!
  15. What are the names of all the characters in Gibb's team (currently)?
  16. What is Gibb's whole name?
  17. Can you name Abby's first and last name?
  18. Fill in the blanks Ducky often _______________ the dead body as he looks through it.

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