Do you really know NCIS ?

Think you are a true NCIS fan? Do you have an extraordinarily knowledge of your favorite series? Are you able to answer complex questions about it?

Are YOU a real fan of NCIS? Do you have the knowledge about Gibbs, Tony, Ziva and the others? Your knowledge is about to be put to the test!

Created by: marie-19
  1. What does NCIS stands for ?
  2. Which secret do Ziva & Gibbs have in common ?
  3. What are the names of the mother & the sister of Ziva ?
  4. What's the name of McGee's book ?
  5. What happened to Dr. Mallard's uncle ?
  6. What's the favorite opera of Ducky ?
  7. What are the names of Gibbs wife & daughter, and what happened to her ?
  8. What happened to McGee during his first interrogation outside ?
  9. What flows in Gibbs veins, according to Abby ?
  10. Where does Abby sleep ?
  11. Where comes Abby from ?
  12. What's the name of Tony's goldfish ?
  13. In which year did Tony run the Boston marathon ?
  14. Where&when was Ziva born ?
  15. What's the second name of Director Vance ?
  16. How many children does Leon have ? What are their names ?
  17. What's the nickname of Jimmy Palmer ?
  18. What is Jimmy's first solo autopsy?
  19. How many years does Kate learn latin ?
  20. What's Kate afraid of ?
  21. Who formed Jennifer Shepard as NCIS special agent ?
  22. What's the name of Jenny's dead father ?
  23. What happened at the end of the season 5 ?
  24. What happened at the end of season 10 ?

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Quiz topic: Do I really know NCIS ?