Dark Angel Love Story

This quiz is my best love story quiz so far. I am really, really proud of it, and I hope you like it. This part has no angel stuff in it, but look forward to part 2!

This quiz is about you and three very attractive guys who are all in to you! Figure out which one you like and your answers will be revealed... maybe someone you hate will be your match!

Created by: Amy Rose ♥

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  1. BEEP! BEEP! Your alarm clock rings. "Ugh." you moan, flipping over and hitting the snooze button. The alarm stops, but not for long. You haul yourself out of bed and pull on some clothes. You wear:
  2. After choosing your outfit, you race downstairs to see your mom at the kitchen table. She smiles at you, says, "Good morning!" and goes back to reading the newspaper. (You don't have a dad, he died when you were 3)
  3. You sit down at the table and pour yourself a bowl of Cocoa Puffs. After breakfast, you kiss your mom goodbye and head to school, which is a 5 minute walk from school. When you get to school, you check your schedule. First period is study hall in the library, which is basically free time since there are no teachers supervising. When you get to study hall, you see your BFF Kate sitting at a table with her boyfriend Jake.
  4. Kate grins at you and pats the seat next to her at the library table. Kate is really pretty. She has ebony black hair, pale, flawless skin, and soft green eyes. Jake is really hot, with tan skin, sea blue eyes and caramel colored hair. You would like him, except for the fact that when he isn't around Kate, he's a jerk to everyone.
  5. You sit in between Jake and Kate, and Jake slips his hand near your butt and squeezes. You slap his hand away without Kate seeing and shoot him a dirty look. Kate grins at you and says, "Check out the new guys." You turn your head and see three HOT guys sitting at a table near you. All of them are staring at you!
  6. Which guy do you prefer?
  7. Guy #1 walks over to your table. "Hey, cutie pie." he says to you and you blush. "I'm Jeff." he says. You smile and say, "I'm ____." After Kate and Jake introduce themselves, Guys #2 and #3 walk over. #2 is Cory, and #3 is Kyle. They are all super hot! During the whole period you laugh and joke around. They are awesome guys!
  8. Before you know it, the bell is ringing for second period. Lucky for you, Jeff is in your second period class, which is science. You walk down the hallway together, chatting until you reach your locker. Jeff grins at you. "Look over there!" he says, pointing down the hallway. you turn your head and the next thing you know, Jeff is gone. "Jeff?" you call, confused.
  9. After calling Jeff's name a few times, you shrug and open your locker to find a bouquet of yellow roses sitting on top of a box of chocolates and your favorite denim jacket you've been missing for months!
  10. "Woah." you say, breathless. You stand there just looking at the stuff until you hear the tardy bell ring and you sprint all the way to class. When you reach the classroom, you are shocked to see Jeff standing outside the door, sunlight from a nearby window shining on his face and making him look, well, HOT. "Why aren't you in class?" you ask him. He shrugs, giving you that gorgeous smile. "Hey, I thought you might want someone to help take the blame for being tardy!" he says. "Oh yeah, and I forgot to ask you... did you get my little, uh, gift?"
  11. "It was you!" you say, grinning. Jeff smiles at you and you have a sudden desire to kiss his cheek. So you do! He looks deliriously happy and so do you, and you guess that is why the whole class starts laughing when you walk in.
  12. After ten minutes of the teacher yelling at you guys, you sit down in your seat. Despite the rather loud decibel of your teacher's voice ringing in your ears, you are really happy. A cute guy likes you!
  13. **AFTER SCHOOL** Cory walks up to you, looking nervous. "Hey, ____." he says. You smile at him. "Hi, Cory!" Your smile seems to perk him up, and he offers to walk you home. Trying not to get distracted by the way the sunlight shines off of his pale skin, you agree happily. "Sure!" you reply, and you can tell he is relieved. Then you walk out of the school, chatting and laughing. When you get to your house, you invite him inside, but he declines. "Homework." he says, looking genuinely disappointed. You are sad, too. "Well, okay. Bye Cory!" you say. "Bye." he replies, pressing something into your hand, and walking away. The object is a note! The note says...

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