Dark Angel Love Story (pt. 4)

Are there any more Dark Angels? Why did the Dark Angel Academy alarm go off? Who is Melody? Who are the mysterious Anjas? Find out in the 5th installment of the Dark Angel Love story Series!

Credit to xxblutixx for the character of Evangeline and credit to lollipopcrazy for the character of Melody. Thanks so much for showing interest in my quiz!

Created by: Amy Rose ♥

  1. So! Where we last left off, you just ended a tender kiss with Jeff and were running downstairs because Dark Angel Academy's alarm went off.
  2. "What's going on?" you scream at Jeff as you run down the stairs. "Anjas!" he yells, panting for breath. "WHAT?" you yell over the wailing of the alarm. "Anjas! Angel Ninjas! They hate dark angels and want to kill us!" Jeff yells back. "Now quick, unfold your wings and fly as fast as you can out the back door! Go into the forest and HIDE!" he commands, and you unfurl your powerful black wings and take off. A pretty blonde girl flies up to join you. "Hi!" she says. "I'm Melody. Let's go!"
  3. You and Melody fly swiftly out the back door and over to the Black Forest, one of the magical boundaries that surrounds Dark Angel Academy. "Quick! Follow me!" Melody cries, and you follow her into a dark cave. "We'll be safe in here." Melody tells you. Suddenly, she gasps. "_____! Your ARM! It - it -" she stutters, and you look down to see a dart sticking out of your arm. "Ouch..." you mumble, and then there's nothing but blackness.
  4. *TWO HOURS LATER* You wake up in a dark cell. You're tied up, but not gagged. "Hello?" you shout. "Where am I?" A tall man in all black with pure white angel wings protruding from his back suddenly appears outside your cell. "Anja Headquarters, of course!" he says in a silky, mesmerizing voice. "My name is Robinson Crusoe." You start to laugh. "You have GOT to be kidding me." you say. "I am not kidding you." Mr. Crusoe says in an icy tone. "That is my name. My parents were especially fond of that book." You snort, trying to hold the laughter in.
  5. Mr. Crusoe fixes you with a stare so cold it snaps all the laughter out of you. "You will be staying here until we decide whether to kill you or not. Understood?" "No!" you cry. "Let me out of-mmmph!" Your sentence is cut off when Mr. Crusoe snaps his finger and a rag floats through the air and ties itself around your mouth. "There." Mr. Crusoe says, satisfied. That should keep you quiet.
  6. After hours of screaming through the gag, you finally realize that you're exhausted. You fall asleep, dreaming of unicorns, pencil monsters, and a magical peice of cloth named Robinson Crusoe.
  7. You wake up to feel a warm hand on your hair. Your eyes flutter open to see Cory sitting over you, looking worried. His face relaxes when you smile. "Hi Cory!" you say, realizing that your gag's been removed. "It's about time." Cory grins. "Let's get you out of here." he says, and touches his hand to the cell door. It dissolves, and Cory steps out. "Can you walk?" he asks, and you try to stand up, but being tied up for so long has weakened you. Cory catches you before you fall to the ground. "I'll carry you." he says, swiftly picking you up, and he puts on a cloak. "Invisibility cloak" he whispers, and you nod. Cory's strong, silent wings propel you down the corridor full of empty cells, until you come to one cell where a young girl is sitting. She has light brown, long wavy hair, bright green eyes, and a pretty mouth pulled into a sad frown. Her black angel wings are spread out to their full length behind her, and they're moving gently. "Another dark angel!" you whisper, and Cory looks as shocked as you feel. (you can still see him because you're both under the invisibility cloak) Cory gently slides off the cloak and the girl looks up, startled, as you both come into view. "Hi." Cory says. "H-hi." the girl replies, shocked. "My name's Evangeline."
  8. Cory dissolves Evangeline's cell door and she steps out, smiling. "Thank you so much!" she whispers. "Let's get out of here." As we fly silently down the corridor, we introduce ourselves. "My name's _______." you tell her. "And this is Cory. I don't usually have to be carried, but I've been tied up for... how long?" Cory replies, "Three days. That's long enough to make you temporarily paralyzed." Evangeline smiles. "I totally understand - OH NO!" She points down the corridor. Mr. Crusoe is standing there, gun in hand. "Time to die!" he snarls.
  9. Suddenly you feel a burst of power. You jump out of Cory's arms. "Get back!" you yell to Cory and Evangeline, who back up obligingly. Suddenly you are surrounded by a ball of energy just like the one you had when you unlocked your wings. You point your finger at Mr. Crusoe. "No, it's YOUR turn to die." You zap him, and he crumples to the ground. "Is he... dead?" you ask. Cory shrugs. "No time to find out. Come on!"
  10. *5 HOURS LATER* You're in the woods with Evangeline and Cory, in a small abandoned cabin. A fire is roaring, and you and Cory are snuggled up on the couch. Evangeline stands up. "I'm going to bed. See ya'll in the morning." "Goodnight!" you and Cory say. Evangeline leaves the room, leaving you and Cory alone. Cory pulls you closer. "I couldn't stand seeing you all locked up in that cell today." he says. "You look beautiful when you sleep, though. You always look beautiful." He leans down and kisses you. "I love you." he says, but you don't know what to say.
  11. Cory smiles at you. "You don't have to say you love me unless you want to." he says. "Take your time." You sigh with happiness and rest your head on his chest. "Tommorrow we're going home." Cory says. "Home?" you ask, thinking of your mom. "Dark Angel Academy." And this is where I leave you. Part 5 coming out in 2013! PLEASE rate, comment, and tell your friends about this series!

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