Dangerous Love part one

Want more? I know it wasn't very good. But if you want more tell me. Okay, I hope you like it! Bye!! Lil Fallen Angel. Lil Fallen Angel. Lil Fallen Angel

Want more? I know it wasn't very good. But if you want more tell me. Okay, I hope you like it! Bye!! Lil Fallen Angel. Lil Fallen Angel. Lil Fallen Angel.

Created by: lilfallenangel
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  1. *lunch time* "So, how was your weekend?",asked my friend Chris. "As boring as usual." Then, he started to blab about how his dad had some sickness. I myself felt like I was going to faint. He must have noticed because he said, "You don't look good, need to go to the nurse?" "Nah, I'm fine." Then I fainted...
  2. When I woke up I was in a hospital and my back hurt like crazy. The doctor came in and told me how they found out you had the DNA of an Angel and that I was very sick. So they injected something into my back that would help my body get better. They thought if I was an Angel why not make me look like one? So they also injected that into my back. I just sat there. Angry that they didn't ask. "Oh really? I thought you grew a door on my back!", I yelled. Then, my fist started to get warmer and warmer until fire surrounded my fists. The doctor seemed scared and ran out of the room. "Well this is cool...", I said staring at my fists. Then I calmed down and the flames vanished. Was I a monster? Freak? Mutation? No, no. I was an Angel. I was an Angel. I always felt different. I never knew I was that different. I wonder what type of Angel I am...So, I climbed up onto the bed, sat criss-cross, and asked for someone to come down to me and tell me. Then, low and behold, a tall woman appeared in front of me. "Little Angel of Night, power never ending, filled with the hope of the world, I now give you your mission. You will fight any evil in your path. Change them or get rid of them. I am Nyx. Welcome Daughter." And then she vanished. "Well, that wasn't the answer I was looking for but okay...", I said wondering what the heck she means by "Change Them". The doctors thought I was okay and sent me back to school. When I looked in the mirror in the car I noticed I looked different...More powerful. My skin was flawless. My nose was more pointy...I looked beautiful. My highlights showed better and my eyes started to change to green. I remember green means happiness. "Well, that's interesting...", I mumbled. They said I would have to erase my parents memory of today before I went to sleep...Great.
  3. When I got to school, everyone was staring at me. Chris walked up to me and said,"Hey, you look different. What happened?" Instead of talking to him I pulled him into the janitors closet. He gave me this wtf look. "Chris listen carefully..." I told him what happened and he just stood there shocked. "Well, say something." "Can I see them?" -_- "Okay..." And I un-folded my wings when someone else walked in. Oh sh-t! Then, I ran out super fast all the way into the girls bathroom and closed my wings. Thank God no one else saw. But that girl did...All of a sudden I heard a lot of mumbling and shouting. People saying stuff like,"Really?" or "What a freak!" Great...Now I have to erase these people memories. I walked outside and stood in the center of the hall with my wings unfolded. Everyone gasped. Someone yelled,"Hey birdy! Want some of this?" and he held up bird food and everyone laughed. "No? Oh well. Looks like little freak isn't hungry. Why don't you go in the sink and take a bath? It's like one of those birdbath things!" He was comparing me to a bird. I felt my fists getting warmer until they became glowing with a more fiery heat than before. Everyone gasped with horror. The kid came out of the crowd and said,"You want to fight?" "No, I want to burn myself.", I said with sarcasm. "I really don't think you're strong. I mean look at you! You're as skinny as a pencil!", he said laughing. "You're so going to regret that."I let fire go and flung air at him. He fell down hard. "Well, that was easy." And I walked away totally forgetting to erase there memories. Everyone stared at me as I walked away.
  4. I had science class next. And out of sheer luck, we were learning about extra terrestrial life forms and how they could exist and the advanced human. When Mr.Craig asked for examples of advanced humans someone raised their hand and said,"Abrail!" Which is me. Everyone laughed. I don't even get how that's funny. I mean really. The teacher raised his eyebrow and said,"Abrail is normal. Why would you say that?" "Uh sir...They're right..." I was so embarrassed I ran out of the room and my hands were glowing with fire again. When I looked in the mirror my eyes were a sad purple-blue. Chris knocked and the girls bathroom door and I came out. "Need a hug?" "Yea.", I said still crying.
  5. "Listen Abrail. No matter what anyone says about you, you're still you. You're unique. And hey, who doesn't like a girl who can kick butt and make brownies when she needs to?" I laughed. Chris always has that way of making me smile. "And now, I think I should tell you something. It should make you happy." "Well? Go on tell me.", I said smiling. "I think I'd better show you." Then, he took a scissor and cut two slits on the back of his shirt and unfolded his emerald and black wings. "Oh my gosh! Chris! Why didn't you tell me?!" I said happy-like but angry. "Because, I thought I'd be a freak to you. But now, we're the same." I was so happy I wasn't the only one like this. "So, what now? Wanna go fly around outside and get away from this death pot?", he asked. "Sure. It would be a good time to test out these things anyway." We walked to the door and he waited for me to unfold my wings. "Ready?" "Ready."
  6. As we were flying we saw a helicopter following us. "Is that thing following us?", I asked making sure. "Yep and it doesn't seem friendly." We flew downward and thought we lost them. We were wrong.
  7. The helicopter landed. And two men walked out. They headed toward us. "Well, we're not just gonna stand here! Let's go!" We ran and ran. I realized we were going so fast everything was a blur. When we stopped he said,"You think we lost them?" "I know we lost them."
  8. Again, we were so very wrong. The helicopter was above us and something came down and grabbed me. It pulled me up and I heard Chris yell,"Abrail! No bring her back! Take me! Take me!" and then sobbing. I saw his fists go up in flames. But when he shot up into the sky, it was too late.
  9. Okay, I know this wasn't that good. But I promise I'll make the next one more interesting!
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