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This is a love story for GIRLS ONLY to complete! If you are not a natural girl, then STAY AWAY and get off this! This is a romantic love story about two teens. The good parts will begin after a few introductory paragraphs, so be patient!

Nathan is the fun boy you've grown up with. You love the same things- same music, same movies, and you do the same sports. Almost everything you do is together. He has dark hair, deep, lovely eyes, and is just a pinch taller than you. He is very cute and sweet. Then there is Matthew, the adorable blonde you crushed on last year, but now you have fell in love with Nathan. Matthew is considerate and is very humorous and knows how to make people laugh. Enjoy!

Created by: Ardeo9999

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  1. "Your father and I are leaving now," your mother calls from downstairs. It is late one summer night, and your parents are leaving you here alone until they return. They are going to a business dinner while you stay home finishing homework. "Goodbye mom," you call, and continue your math problems. Leaning over your schoolwork in your soft green room, you hear your mother's voice. "Don't answer the phone, don't open the door to strangers, stay inside, and don't do anything strange."
  2. Several hours later, the antique grandfather clock your mother adores so much strikes eleven pm. You begin to get worried- your parents should have been home long ago.
  3. It is now past midnight, and you are lying awake in bed, terribly worried, but obeying your parents wishes to stay at home. Unable to sleep, you reach for your cell phone on the night table next to you and dial your mom's number. The phone rings and the message machine comes on. You try again, but no luck. So you try your dad's phone, but the same thing happens.
  4. The next morning, your parents still have not arrived. The phone rings. Despite your mother's warnings, you pick up the phone, desparate for news. Still, you decide that if someone is stalking you, they will want to know you are home, so you disguise your voice so no one can tell who you are.
  5. An official on the other end informs her that her parents died on impact from a car crash and never made it coming back home. He tells you some officials will be coming to take her so she can leave for a foster home. You begin to sob uncontrollably while the man explains. He tries to console you. Then he says goodbye. You have no relatives and you do not wish to go away at all.
  6. You decide to go to your friend's house across the street. He the boy you have grown up with since you were born. You know eachother like the back of your hands- and it was only recently you had begun to have deeper feelings for eachother. That way.
  7. You enter your friend's house, crying. His mom is in the kitchen making lunch, and your friend is not in sight. Mrs. Crawford immedeatly looks up and drops the whisk onto the cupboard and walks over to you. She is pregnant and due very soon. Her husband divorced her a few months back and now she is on her own. "----, what's wrong?" "Where's Nathan?" you ask. Slightly taken back, she tells you he is downstairs. You go down and find him playing his Wii.
  8. Nathan looks up from the couch and sees you standing there, quivering, with red eyes dripping with tears. "-----," he softly says your name and gets up and puts a gentle arm around your side and guides you over to the couch and you both sit down. "What is it?" Suddenly you break down, crying with streams of tears gliding down your smooth, unblemished cheeks. Nathan pulls you closer and brushes a strand of hair in front of your face and looks you in the eye. "Tell me," he whispers, "Tell me what is troubling you."
  9. You go on to tell him about what happened last night. His eyes continually widen at your explanation, and when you are done, he just sits there, staring at you, shocked. You stare back into his lovely, meaningful eyes. There is so much there. Nathan leans forward and you two hug. He squeezes you tightly in his loving embrace. This is a first for you. He's never hugged you before.
  10. "But they can't take you away!" Nathan cried out. "I won't let them." A determined look came upon him as silent rage burned deep within him that someone dare try to take her away. You bury your head in his chest, and he holds you close, stroking your hair. Soon you both go upstairs and sit on the porch outside, talking. Nathan offers that you could stay and live at his house for a bit until they can figure something out. They sit down with Nathan's mother and discuss everything. Startled, Mrs. Crawford readily agrees to keep you for some time.
  11. You see a car pull into your driveway. Knowing it is the officials, you take Nathan and his mom over there and reason with the men. They agree, but will be back in two weeks to take you away.
  12. You go back to school that Monday. You often begin to whimpher in class, and cannot seem to control your emotions. At lunch, you sit with Nathan. He lets you know it will be all right. But you can't see how. That week, Mrs. Crawford gave birth to a baby girl. She suffocated in complications and did not survive, and Nathan's mother died shortly after. He will not return to his father, who deserted him; you and Nate do not know what to do because you cannot live together alone.
  13. Nathan and you are now walking home after school. Officials are rushing to your house to pick you two up: Nathan to his dad, and you to a foster home. You swing the door to the house open, and step inside, Nathan behind you. "Come here," he says. You follow him into the family room. He lays his books on a table and sets yours there as well. You stand there, watching him, and he turns back to you. You both stay silent, and he puts his hand on your cheek. "I love you," he whisphers, and you blush and dip your head to the ground. He takes his other hand and lifts your chin back up, and you lean forward and kiss.
  14. There is a knock at the door, which interuppts you two making out. You and Nathan part and walk back to the door. You open it up to find a close school friend, Matthew, standing at the entrance. The blonde haired boy smiled. "Hey," he said, glancing at Nathan. You remember when you had a crush on him. "I just came by to say I'm really sorry for what you guys are going through. Does this mean you're going to be moving away?" You are pretty sure Matthew is still crushing on you. Nathan knows that you two used to like eachother. "Ya," You reply dejectedly. "Come on in and chat," At that, Nathan gives you a bit of a jealous glare.
  15. Be sure to keep checking for part 2 to come out! Rate and comment. Any names of your crushes you can tell me to make them other guys in future episodes! suggestions welcome!

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