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GIRLS ONLY! That is one of the most important parts. Also, if you don't know what Warriors is, DO NOT take this quiz. Though of course, if you do, be my guest!

And be prepared for the most wonderful Warriors Story you have ever experienced. At least I hope so! It took like two months to make this. And I also don't know why people never read these first two paragraphs. If you are reading this, kudos to you!

Created by: Skyrunner1231

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  1. You awake in the CloudClan nursery. You look up into the eyes of your mother, Fernheart. "You finally opened your eyes,___kit!" (___=your name) The medicine cat, Sparrowheart, said, "Yes, and gladly. I was a bit concerned about it. You're already a moon old."
  2. Riverstar walks over and admires you. Her son, Shadowpaw, hangs in the shadows and stares at you.
  3. A ginger-orange colored she-cat approaches, followed by a smaller golden kit. "Hi, ___kit. I'm the deputy of CloudClan, Flamelark. This is my son, Noblekit." "Hey,___kit. I've been excited to finally meet you!"
  4. *2 moons later* It's moonhigh. You carefully creep around Noblekit and the other 2 kits, Daisykit and Cinderkit. (both she-cats)You creep out of the nursery to find Jaypaw sitting out on the Stoneledge. Startled, you...
  5. "Who's there?" he whispers, then crouches down lower and huddles up on the Stoneledge's surface as the moonlight streams down toward him, dappling through the trees. Again, bolder now, he asks, "Who's there?" He looks around and spots you. "Hey, is that you, ___kit? What are you doing out this late?
  6. "Ok, promise not to tell anyone. I don't want to be a medicine cat! I want to be normal!" He dashes back to his nest. You pad back to your nest, just to, well, hardly see Shadowpaw, who looks at you, then dashes away, embarrassed.
  7. *3 moons later* "___kit, do you promise to uphold the warrior code as you train to serve your Clan?
  8. "__paw! Noblepaw! ___paw! Noblepaw! Everyone in the clan, chanting you and Noblepaw's new names. Everyone....except Shadowpaw. Thistlepaw is chanting your name really loud, though. The hunting patrol returns. You get first pick of prey. You go and share your prey with...
  9. (Squirrelheart):"It's your very first hunting session, ___paw! Aren't you EXCITED?!" (Thistlepaw):"Not overly, Squirrelheart." (Noblepaw): "WOO I"M SO READY!"(Brackenoak):"Be quiet, Noblepaw." (Noblepaw):"Sorry, Brackenoak." (Flamelark):" I haven't been hunting in a while. Wait- let's go down to the river!" (Squirrelheart):"Great Idea! Lets go!"
  10. *3 1/2 moons later, your last hunting patrol as an apprentice*"I haven't... been near my home Clan since I joined CloudClan," said Flamelark, "It feels so strange..." Suddenly your patrol was cut off by a patrol of ReedClan.
  11. "Hand over the herbs, or we take her, Flamelark, as planned!" Iceleaf, a ReedClan warrior, grabs you and starts to drag you away. She threatens Flamelark not to tell, and has Stickpaw and Crowpaw escort you to the ReedClan camp.
  12. "Ok, little kit. You're with us now. Crowpaw, head out with the newbie to find some moss for a nest by the sunrock. Owlstripe, can you tell Gorsestar we've got our hostage?"
  13. Iceleaf drags you off your feet roughly, and your pad is scraped. "Ow!" you yelp, as Iceleaf cuffs your ear, telling you: "This is a hostage situation here. You can't expect to be treated like a kit here in ReedClan, missy." She shoves you away as Crowpaw walks away from Stickpaw and Leafpaw. Seeing you, he comes over and says, "I saw what she did to you. Are you okay?"
  14. You and Crowpaw are exploring the forest, hunting for moss. You hear a vole in a nearby patch of tall grass. You get into the hunters crouch and pounce onto the vole, swiftly killing it. "Whoa, you're amazing at hunting! I wish I was as good as you. But we gotta pretend I caught it..."
  15. *2 days later* You settle down in your nest in front of the Sunrock, letting the dying sunlight lull you to sleep. Just as you drift off, a paw prods your side. "Gorsestar wants to see you." explains Owlstripe. She follows you over to the lichen curtain and waits outside. Curious, you look at her. "Go on already." She reaches out and pushes you through. You walk in, just to see a fluffy tail dissapearing through a hole in the bush, and Gorsestar, dead on the floor.
  16. "GORSESTAR!" Owlstripe wails. "Daddy..." She curls up and breaks down in tears. Iceleaf comes up, somber and serious. She jumps up and calls an emergency Clan meeting. She tells you to go wake everyone up, so you do. Once everyone has gathered, Iceleaf sits up on the Sunrock, the moon outlining her distinctly fluffy tail.
  17. "You all may not know what has just happened, but Gorsestar lost his final life. I believe it was his sickness that killed him, seeing as we did not have, and were not given, the proper herbs to heal him.Grassfoot, Moonberry, Stoneclaw, carry the body into the clearing. Stickpaw, go get Patchwhisker, Blossomleaf, and Cloudeye to bury him. The rest of you, stay there. And since I am deputy, tommorrow I will make my trip to the Starcave to be made leader. But meanwhile, I must choose a deputy, and that will be Stoneclaw."
  18. You get up in the morning, exhausted and frustrated you didn't get any sleep. Stoneclaw pads over and nods toward Crowpaw, standing by the entrance. Excited to go home, you bound out. Crowpaw holds you back. "No escape."
  19. "I'll sneak you out of the secret entrance. Luckily Iceleaf's gone to get her leader name and lives, but it's Stoneclaw we gotta be looking out for. He's all for his mate. He'll do whatever she tells him. Besides, there's some-er, things I wanna tell you."
  20. *later* You and Crowpaw are sitting among the roots of a willow tree. "You see, Iceleaf is my mom. She was always my comfort, until the wind attack. That... changed her, I guess. We started drifting apart as she became more ambitious. She worked hard to become deputy, and now leader."
  21. "And...I wanna...Tonight, is it... is it okay, um...if I maybe....uh..,"
  22. "Can I come home with you, ___paw?"
  23. *at the Gathering, 3 days later* It's the night of the Gathering. ReedClan is the last there, reluctant to take you near your Clan. Your mother, Fernheart, comes dashing toward you like you were bleeding out. Just as she dives for you, Stoneclaw grabs you by the scruff and hauls you away. Your mother hits the ground, and very luckily isn't hurt. She isn't even angry, just astonished and sad. You...
  24. Stoneclaw is faced with both Icestar and now Riverstar, who leaped from the Treestone demanding for you back. He tries to hand you to Icestar, then pulls himself back. He sees the sadness in your mothers eyes, and the anger in those of Riverstar's. Then, his sigh ruffled your neck fur as he set you down in front of Riverstar. Then, Fernheart came running again. She curled around you protectively. "You'll always be my little kit."
  25. Icestar, bursting in anger, grabbed Stoneclaw by hooking her claws in his scruff. She dragged him to the base of the Treestone. But you were the only one who noticed the clouds forming around the full moon. *** TO BE CONTINUED! ***

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