Sunstorm's love story! (She-cats) #2

Prologue: Redpaw sighed. Sunkit would be an apprentice soon, but by then he would be a warrior. It was Brackenpaw and Thistlepaw who got to share a den with the pretty she-kit. Sunkit bounced up to him. "Redpaw, play with me!" Redpaw purred. He made a moss ball and tossed it to her. "Throw it back when you catch it!" the game went on until Brackenpaw and Thistlepaw arrived from patrol. Moonpaw raced up to Thistlepaw and licked his ear, but he ducked away from her. She backed off, disappointment in her eyes. Thistlepaw gazed at Sunkit. Brackenpaw joined in the game, taking all Sunkit's attention. "You are no fun!" Redpaw stormed away. "But Redpaw..I just want to play with the pretty kit!" Brackenpaw called helplessly after the older apprentice. But Redpaw paid no attention. "You want more!"

Thistlefur rushed up to Moonheart, purring. "You're a warrior now! Does that mean we can be..mates?" he asked quietly. "Of course!" laughed Moonheart. "Now that you've got over your little mooning all over Sunpaw stage!" Thistlefur looked embarrassed. "Yeah, sorry about that. But you know I really love you, right?" "Always?" whispered Moonheart. Thistlefur nodded. "Always." Moonheart sighed, relieved. Redstar watched them. Thistlefur was out of the way in the quest for Sunpaw's affections, but Brackenpelt, the other new warrior, was now. He was only a new leader himself, he had been deputy for only a moon, and only because StarClan sent a sign that the youngest warrior be appointed. Notes: You are playing Sunpaw. 890 is the tom you got in the last part. You must have played part one!

Created by: IvystarGecko
  1. Have you read the notes, prologue, and part one?
  2. As you slid into camp, 890 walked nervously up to you. "Sunstorm," he meowed nervously, "I've been meaning to ask you, will you be my mate?"
  3. Thistlefur looked up from sharing tongues with Moonheart. "You look pretty today Sunstorm," he meowed quietly in your ear. "I heard that!" meowed Moonheart sharply. "But you do."
  4. You nod to them and make your nest in the warriors' den. You curl up to get some rest before your vigil. It's going to be a long night, so you thought this would be the best plan.
  5. While you slept, 890 curled around you to keep you warm. As the sun set, he woke you up. "Sunstorm, it's time!" you nod your thanks and go to your post. You already knew not to talk.
  6. The night was calm, the sun set, the stars shone in the night sky like normal. Not a sound. To pass away the time, you thought about...
  7. In the morning, 890 came to let you know you could talk again! He made you a soft nest outside and you both curled up together in it.
  8. You woke up at sunhigh and 890 fetched you a piece of your favorite prey. "Thanks!" you purred. You two shared it.
  9. Later when Moonheart was away, Thistlefur, Redstar and Brackenpelt walked up to you. "Sunstorm, who do you really want?"
  10. They leaped on each other, trying to show you they where the best warrior. You cheered for

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