Sunstorm's love story! (She-cats)

Prologue: "Sunkit, catch!" Brackenpaw yowled. The older apprentice Redpaw laughed. "She'll never catch that, she's just a kit. Let me try!" he caught the moss ball and tossed it to Sunkit. Brackenpaw yelped, "She could have caught mine!" he leaped on Redpaw. "I learned a new move today!" Moonpaw and Thistlepaw sat nearby. "Your sister Sunkit's cute," Thistlepaw meowed. The she-cat nodded. "I know she is."

"Sunpaw, hey Sunpaw! It's the mass warrior ceremony!" Brackenpaw yelled. The apprentice sat up, heading into the main camp. The apprentices sat lined up, Flamestar was giving them warrior names. "Brackenpelt, Redfoot, Thistlefur, Moonheart." Sunpaw watched proudly. Redfoot, older, had waited for the other apprentices to catch up, including her sister Moonheart. Notes: You are playing Sunpaw.

Created by: IvystarGecko

  1. "Sunpaw, Sunpaw!" called your mentor, Windheart. "It's time for your assessment!" you looked up through the walls of the den. "Do I have to?" you groaned. You where comfortable in your cozy nest. "Yes, Sunpaw, no nonsense." Windheart meowed, and so you got up. As you passed him, Brackenpelt, a new warrior, meowed, "Good luck!" You where aware of Redstar watching you go.
  2. You caught many mice and squirrels, and completely bashed Windheart. Heading back into camp, you stood beside her as she spoke to Redstar. "Sunpaw deserves to be a warrior," she meowed, but Redstar seemed more interested in you. "She hunted well," Windheart continued. Redstar gazed into your eyes. Brackenpelt tapped you on the shoulder. "Hey, Sunpaw! Want to come share prey with me?"
  3. Whatever you picked, you ended up sharing a squirrel with Brackenpelt. His fur brushed yours, and he moved away, embarrassed. You noticed that he'd moved you away from Redstar. "Sunpaw, you'll be able to take a mate when you're a warrior." he meows. "A warrior?" you meow. "Well, what I'm interested in is my new name!" Brackenpelt looked briefly disappointed, but turned away and took a bite from the squirrel. Soon, you two finished. "Looks like I've got to run!" Brackenpelt dashed to a waiting patrol.
  4. "All cats old enough to catch their own prey, join here beneath the High Log for a Clan meeting!" called Redstar. The Clan gathered. "Today, a brave and beautiful apprentice is ready to receive her name. Windflight, is Sunpaw ready for this honor?" You laughed at this slip in talking- saying you where ready and then asking if you where! "Yes, she is," Windflight meowed. "Sunpaw, do you promise to be loyal to this Clan and follow the warrior code, live and die for the Clan?" You held your head high. "I do." Redstar smiled. "Then by the power of StarClan, I give you your warrior name. From this day on, you shall be known as Sunstorm. StarClan honors your courage, bravery, and beauty." The Clan cheered, "Sunstorm, Sunstorm!" Brackenpelt cheered loudest, even Redstar joined in.
  5. After the ceremony, your older sister, Moonheart, walks up to you. "Sunstorm, can we take a walk by ourselves?" she asks. You readily agree, and brushing pelts, go out of the camp.
  6. In the middle of the territory, Moonheart turned to you. "Oh, Sunstorm," she murmured, "I'm expecting kits!" you purred. "That's great! Who's the father, Thistlefur?" Moonheart nodded. "Yes." You grinned. "You two do seem awfully close!"
  7. Then Moonheart's gaze softened as she looked at you. "Sunstorm, that's the problem. You've got two good toms padding after you. You're pretty, and charming, and that's the problem. Even Thistlefur admitted when you where little he had a crush on you! But, see these warriors, are Redstar and Brackenpelt."
  8. You nodded. "Okay, so where's the problem?" Moonheart scraped a hole in the ground. "Oh, Sunstorm," she sighed.
  9. "Sunstorm, you have to choose one of them. Just tell me. I know you like one of them, but who is it?"
  10. The End!

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