Life as a Warrior Cat| Part Two A| Healing Dreams

Part two in a series. Please go to my profile to find the other. The link is just under here, in the quiz. It may tell you to go somewhere else, if it does then do.

You are a she-cat called Sunkit you're a kit with a brother called Beekit. There are cats who you used to play with called Redpaw, Raggedpaw, Rushpaw and Reedpaw.

Created by: IvystarGecko

  1. Read above before you start.
  2. "Sunpaw! Sunpaw! Sunpaw! Sunpaw!" The Clan cheers. You smile. Tonight is the night you go the the Moonpool! Your brother Beepaw presses against you. "Finally, apprentices! I'll be the best warrior ever!" he whispered enthusiastically. "I bet you will, too," you meow. "And, you'll be a great medicine cat, too," meows Beepaw. Beepaw still doesn't agree with your choice to become a medicine cat apprentice. "Beepaw!" calls Beepaw's mentor. "We're going on a tour of the territory." Redpaw pads up to you. "You want to share this mouse?" he offers, eyes twinkling. "We could celebrate you being an apprentice?" "No, she shouldn't celebrate. Come with me and I'll give you some tips," Blackpaw meows. "Aw, come on, Sunpaw!" Redpaw meows. "Come with me?" You think about it. "I'll
  3. After whatever you do, Stormpaw comes up to you. "Do you wnat me to show you the territory?" he asks. "You could see all the best herbs." You look at Littleberry, who nods. "Yes, you can go with Stormpaw if you want to," she meows. You decide to
  4. Stormpaw takes you around the territory. "...these are the Sun Rocks," he meows. "I see catmint!" you cry. You rush forward to collect the precious herb. Stormpaw helps you. As you bned over to nip the stems, his pelt brushes yours gently. You think
  5. Stormpaw backs away, his mouth full. He drops the stems. Tasting the air, his ears prick up. You open your mouth, too, and smell what made him so excited: Squirrel. Your new favourite food. Stormpaw drops into the hunter's crouch and creeps along the ground. He springs into the undergrowth and comes back triumphant, the squirrel hanging from his jaws. "Let's share," he purrs. "The forest has plenty to spare." You agree and you both settle down. Stormpaw wraps his tail round you. He purrs.
  6. You make your way back to camp."Catmint!" exclaims Littleberry. "Great. We needed some new." She nods to Stormpaw. "You can go now, thank you." He seems reluctant, but he goes. That night you curl in your nest thinking about
  7. You quickly go to sleep. You dream about
  8. You are woken by pain in your belly. You stagger to the dirtplace and back, collapsing in your nest. You zone out again into an uneasy sleep. When you next wake, Littleberry is standing over you, a worried look on her face. "Ah, you're awake," she mews. "I don't feel too good." you croak. "And you wouldn't, either. You have a raging fever. Here, eat these." she shoves a bunch of herbs in your face. You are to preoccupied with the pain to notice what they are. "M-my belly," you manage. "Your belly?" she asks, frowning. "You must have eaten a bad mouse." she gives you juniper. You recognize the distinctive berry. You go back to sleep and when you next wake up, Stormpaw is standing by your nest. "Oh, Sunpaw!" he whispers. "Littleberry says you should have these. It's been two days since you last woke up. You need to eat something." The pain in your belly has mostly faded away, and you manage a few bites before you start to feel queasy again. Your fever has gone down. You go back to sleep and dream about StarClan. "My, child, you have a choice." meows a cat you don't recognize. "You are out of the danger of joining us, now, but your path is twisting in shadows." You wake up, wondering what you mean. Now you feel completely better. You tell Littleberry where you're going and go for a walk in the forest, feeling you need to get out and about. You reflect upon your recent experiences, your thoughts first going to

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