The Dream Life Sequence

find out in this quiz if you are really loved dreams no nightmares for you if you scored 100 % percent :) i hoped you get a high score good luck on this!!!

see if you always get nightmare bad dreams or good dreams and nice dreams or any other perfect dreams in you head full of brains that your thoughts are thinking about it all day good luck!!!

Created by: Victor

  1. One day I noticed the door open, I noticed a small light in the corner, shining out to a path of chewing gum. Then you say.....
  2. but recently someone did, because there it was, in the room, a half-empty pack of chewing gum with a light shining on it. you would....
  3. As I was walking through the room, it turned into a hallway, a hall- way filled with painted portraits of babies dressed as money. you would....
  4. at the end of the hallway, there was a man selling pickled eggs. Would you buy them
  5. but in this dream I can bound and determined to buy every pickled egg this man was selling.
  6. Unfortunately, as you'll recall, I had dropped my wallet in the monkey cage and didn't have any money. I was so vexed by this outcome that I begin to pace back and forth.
  7. Luckily, money started to pour from the frames of the painting babies and I was able to buy all the pickled eggs.
  8. Now, this is where the dream took quite an amusing turn; when the salesman handed me my bags, they were not filled with pickled eggs at all, but rather a rich potting soil that smelled a little bit like mushrooms.
  9. I walked out the side door into a wide open field and proceeded to dump the potting soil down the chimney of an abandon cabin that sat isolated in the distance. And wouldn't you know it, that the chimney started to grow and grow until it reached the clouds.
  10. But before I could see where it went, an insurance adjuster handed me some paperwork that stacked as high as my waist line, and while that, it started to rain in papers. The grass turned blue and almost everything became an illusion, I freaked out, but as you all know... it's only a dream! Was this a dream or a nightmare?

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