Would you survive Nightmare Area?

Have you got nightmares very often? Yes? No? If you have, I hope you score well! Nightmares are pretty dangerous, aren't they? No? You'll see! XD :) :P

At least THIS nightmare is dangerous. It's a test. Make the right decissions! I'm sorry for my English, I'm not a native speaker! I hope you understand the questions... Yeah, you will!

Created by: Demonata
  1. An evil clown is watching you. He says: ''Give me your talisman! You will regret if you don't...'' What do you do or say?
  2. It doesn't matter what you choose, you lost your talisman anyway. The clown is doing the evil laugh and says:''I have it, but you will regret anyway! I have a chainsaw and I love to use it!'' You run away (if you didn't already) and find a door. You walk in and lock it. There's nothing dangerous...Just a necklace laying on a desk. Do you steal it?
  3. Necklace or not, you see another door appear on the wall. You open it. It closes. You see a chic livingroom with fine furniture. Like a beautiful pink sofa, oak cabinets and a Persian carpet. And you see a little devil too who tries to make it burn! What do you do?
  4. Whatever you did, it worked. The little devil is gone! Do you remember the question 4 necklace? If you took it, you have a little problem... You're petrified! For like 1000 years... Anyway now (or 1000 years later) you see 3 rings on one of the oak cabinets. A voice in your head says you need to take just one (and you HAVE to listen to it). There is one with a green, a red and a purple gem. Which one do you take?
  5. 3 doors appear. A green, a red and a purple one. You can only go to the one with the same color as the gem. If you took the green gem: Behind the are stairs to the basement. You go downstair and find a crypt. What do you do?
  6. The red door: You only see fire, but the good news is; your able to walk through fire thanks to your ring! Your reaction is:
  7. The purple door: You see stairs. You decide to climb them. They seem endless! First you don't care but then you hear scary sounds...
  8. Green door: You can't get out of the crypt, but you see a coffin with a green gem on it, the same as on your ring. What do you do?
  9. The red door: After a few minutes walking through the fire you see something appear... It looks like a dog from Hell! What to do now?
  10. Purple door: Finally, the stairs end. You see another door, the only problem is... The ghost sounds come from that door! What do you do?
  11. Green door: Ready for zombies? If you gave the ring, they're friendly and show you the way out :) If you didn't, they attack you. If you can kill them all, you'll find the way out.
  12. Red door: You notice the dog is standing in front of a door. You wanna get out the fire room! Tell me your idea.
  13. Purple door: Accept if you did suicide, you decide that's it best to open the door. And yes, suprise, there are ghosts! But someone else too... Help him/her and get rid of the ghosts!
  14. Every door: However you did it, you're in a safe erea. It looks like a bedroom or something... Quite romantic! And...you're crush is there too! What do you do?
  15. When it's getting really romantic...You wake up! I already told you it was a NIGHTMARE EREA. It was a dream!

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