What nightmare are you?

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Nightmares are scary dreams, they happen when your body is trying to wake you up quickly. But some mean things that can effect life... and this quiz will tell you what kind of nightmare you could be having...

There are loads of different nightmares, but I only chose five, the results may have scary or creepy pictures, but you won't mind that, am I right?

Created by: I like music

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  1. Do you feel like nobody in the world loves you at times?
  2. Are you afraid of heights?
  3. Has anyone ever threatend to kill you before? (Even as a joke)
  4. Do you want to die?
  5. Do you have a lot of enemies?
  6. Are you around short tempered people all the time?
  7. Do you ever think of commiting suicide?
  8. Would you ever want to kill someone? Is there someone you hate so much that you wish they were dead?
  9. What are your nightmares like?
  10. Are you scared to see your result?

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Quiz topic: What nightmare am I?