The hardest Nightmare Before Christmas quiz ever.

This is probably the hardest quiz you will ever take in your life. Don't be afraid. Try it!! I've been watching the movie for years. I don't blame you if you can't pass it.

How smart are YOU when it comes to Nightmare Before Christmas? Just try it. You know you want to see the questions asked. Warning: It's really hard and very specific.

Created by: Meghan
  1. First things first. Who actually directed the movie?
  2. Before Jack flies into the night with his reindeer, what song was the band playing?
  3. What's the first word said in the movie?
  4. Who's Jack's best friend?
  5. What does Jack carry around with him when he's singing "What's This?" in Christmastown?
  6. How many vampires are there?
  7. What kind of animal sits on Sally's lap while she's singing her song?
  8. What year was the movie made?
  9. Why did Sally jump out the window?
  10. What holidays are an option for Jack to enter?
  11. What kind of spider does The Mayor have on his suit?
  12. How many times does Zero bark after Jack gets sucked into Christmastown?
  13. What are the names Santa checks off on his Christmas list?
  14. What do Lock, Shock, and Barrel say to Santa when he opens the door?
  15. Who scares the Easter Bunny back into the bag?
  16. What does Sally do to try and make it so Jack can't go?
  17. What does Sally put in the Town Fountain to make it foggy?
  18. What comes out of the bottle Sally made for Jack?
  19. Where does Sally keep her needle and thread?
  20. What limbs come off when Sally jumps out the window?
  21. What does Sally make Dr. Finklestein for lunch?
  22. In the introduction song, "This Is Halloween", whose shadow is in the moon?
  23. How many witches are there?
  24. What is Zero's nose?
  25. What bone does Jack take off him so Zero can fetch it?
  26. How many band members are there?
  27. What toy does Jack throw over his shoulder and it lands in Zero's basket?
  28. When Jack makes his first stop as "Santa", he stops at a little boy's house. What Jack give him for Christmas?
  29. What happens to Oogie Boogie in the end?
  30. What was Sally's distraction to try and save Santa?

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