The Hardest Quiz Ever

Are you one of the smartest quiz takers in the world.Prove it.This is one of the hardest quizzes on the internet.Some of the questions are just weird.But it is possible to get a perfect score.

You should take some breathing excercises to get yourself ready for this quiz.Because it is one of the hardest quizzes ever.Are you smart enough to get an excellent score?Good luck you'll need it.

Created by: cheese
  1. How many holes in a polo?
  2. Can a match box?
  3. what follows December 2nd?
  4. What sound does a bell make?
  5. How do you kill a werewolf?
  6. Which of these place names doesn't exist?
  7. What flavor is cardboard?
  8. Can you get this question wrong?
  9. What is 1+3(Hint its 4)?
  10. Did you like this quiz?

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