How much do u know about iCarly?

This quiz is about icarly hopefully you know this show. Its about most of the main characters and all the questions are about them just try your hardest because some of the questions might be hard but if u know your iCarly you will ace this.

And again try your hardest because this is a very fun quiz to take and it helps you know more about icarly and it is very fun and i mean it so i want u to have fun doing my quiz.

Created by: nia

  1. Who was the person who dated freddie?
  2. who did sam date that tried to kiss carly?
  3. who did freddie say wasnt all that funny on his webshow?
  4. what was the expiration date on the choclates that missy gave sam?
  5. who did mandy sell freddies sam and carlys url to?
  6. how many pillows did the people give to spencer?
  7. where do spencer get most of his stuff from?
  8. what did spencer cook for freddies and valeries date?
  9. how many pounds of cheese was spencer going to take to his camping trip with socko?
  10. carlys grandfather wanted to take carly to live with him in...
  11. what is spencers robot made of ?
  12. how old did carly say nevel was...

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