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Who is ready to take this 15 question quiz are you you must know a lot about icarly. If you are having trouble with some questions you can get help from this website iicarlyy.blogspot.com (that is not my website).

Are YOU the icarly person do watch icarly every night? If you do then I think you are ready to take this quiz! At the end you will reseave a letter grade. if you get a F you need to try harder if you get an A+ you are lucky

Created by: billybob

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  1. Which one of these icarly epsodes is a movie
  2. which is NOT a icarly character?
  3. Who thought of the name icarly for the webshow
  4. Which one of these is not a icarly episode
  5. in igive away a car who won the car
  6. in iwant a world record what did spencer call his sculpture
  7. in igo to japan when mrs. benson said she would not go to the bathroom in that bucket what did fratdog hand her
  8. in igo to japan how did carly,sam,freddie,spencer, and mrs. Benson get out of the plain?
  9. in imeet fred why did freddie want carly and sam to shave stuft animals
  10. _____________________ just is not specers thing
  11. there is a new episode of icarly every _________
  12. what is the name of the doorman on carlys apparment
  13. How long is igo to japan
  14. what time does icarly come on in the evenings on ytv (ytv time)
  15. On the episode ipermote techfoots carly sam and freddie want $100 and they get

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