The Hardest Harry Potter Quiz in the World

There are many 'HARD HARRY POTTER' quizzes out there. But some of them are just plain simple. You never know if the quiz is really hard or just has a stupid name to draw in quiz takers.

Lots of quizzes say that. But my quiz is the real thing. I doubt that anybody will get a true 100% on this quiz! Try the quiz yourself and in a couple of minutes: There's your answer!

Created by: amazon
  1. In year seven when the gang of Snatchers caught up with Ron, Harry, and Hermione, who was Greyback's friend?
  2. Who managed to place the Imperious Curse on Pius Thicknesse?
  3. What does the Sorcerer's Stone do?
  4. What color did Fleur think that Ginny and Gabrielle should wear for her wedding?
  5. When George lost his ear, who was on the broom-stick with him?
  6. When Hermione answered Professor Sprout's first question in year 2, how many points did she receive?
  7. What brand of fireworks did Fred and George set off in year 5?
  8. In year 4, who placed the Imperious Curse on Victor Krum?
  9. When Barty Crouch was killed, what was he Transfigured into?
  10. What is Albus Dumbledore's last middle name?
  11. Which animal did Aberforth perform 'inappropriate use of Magic'?
  12. In which book that Hermione looked in to find Horcruxes, give the name but not a definition?
  13. Where did Hermione bring Harry and Ron to after they escaped the wedding?
  14. Where was the REAL sword of Gryffindor hidden?
  15. What month was Harry born in?

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