Being emo might be your dream, or your nightmare. either way here you can find out for sure just how emo you are. is it just a little or totally and completly?

so now thanks to me and this awesome quiz i made, you will never have to ask yourself again how emo am i? isnt that a great feeling? i am so glad i can help you come to a conclusion.

Created by: katy

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  1. how often do you cry?
  2. whats your hairstyle?
  3. how tight are your pants
  4. which is the best band/group/singer
  5. what is your favorite color?
  6. how do you wear your belt?
  7. do you own a choker?
  8. what is the best pet?
  9. do you think you are emo?
  10. have you ever cut yourself?
  11. what does death mean to you?
  12. what if you are emo?

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