Do you know about Bengals?

Bengals: Do you know about them? Do you want to know about them? Do you despratly need to know how much you know about how much you know about them??

Well you can find out here... This quiz is completly and totally about Bengals. It is about what color they are and what they like to do and some other stuff ( that I forgot about ) too.

Created by: Hfrancisr
  1. Which color are Bengals?
  2. Do Bengals like water?
  3. Do Bengals like to snuggle.
  4. How were Bengals bred?
  5. Are Bengals afraid of dogs?
  6. Can Bengals train them self to use the toilet like us?
  7. Do Bengals have a tail?
  8. Is my bengal cat really anoying me right now?? Hint: He is...
  9. Do Bengal cats shed
  10. Bengals do not have tails right?

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Quiz topic: Do I know about Bengals?