Hey there BENGAL fans think you know your team?Think you know the players? Take this quiz''' And see if you know Who-Dey......Are' and not just #9 or #85

Who~Dey! Are you a ''True''Die Hard' Bengals fan?Just take a few minutes.... And we'll find out just how much you know about your team the Bengals!!

Created by: Eric
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  1. What Bengals WR caught 2TDs in Super Bowl XVI?
  2. Who was the Bengals first head coach?
  3. What school did QB.Boomer Esiason attend?
  4. Bengals RB C.Dillon set the single game rushing record in 2000 how many Yds did he get?
  5. Who was the first Bengal to be enshrined in the Football hall of fame?
  6. Who finished the Bengals 2001 season with a 6-10 record?
  7. In 2001-02 who was the only Bengal to make the pro-bowl?
  8. In 2001, who was the first draft pick for the Bengals?
  9. How many Super Bowls have the Bengals been in?
  10. What year did they first play in the superbowl and what team did they play against?
  11. How many TD passes did Palmer have in the 2006 season?
  12. What is Palmer's career high in one game passing yards?
  13. The Bengals drafted Chad Johnson in the second round of what year?
  14. Only two Bengals have kicked two field goals of 50 yards or more in the same game can you name one?
  15. Who holds the record for most kickoff return yards of(1,562)in a single-season?
  16. Besides #9 Carson Palmer who else had that number? There is two answers right'just pick one'
  17. What was the Bengals best record season?
  18. What position did Elbert L. "Ickey" Woods play?
  19. Last one what is the name of the Bengals mascot?And how tall is he?

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