Are You Really a Yankee Fan?

Many people try to pass themselves off as true Yankee Fans. I happen to be their #1 fan and i can prove it. A true yankee fan is someone who can memorize each player's stats, I can.

Are you a true Yankee fan? Do you have the knowledge to qualify for that title? Until now, you may have thought so. But thanks to my new and improved version of "Are You a True Yankee Fan?", you can find out whether or not, you are a true Yankee Fan in a matter of minutes.

Created by: Mikayla
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  1. Are you a Yankee Fan?
  2. How many World Series have the Yankees won?
  3. What #s do: Jeter, Posada, and Torre wear in that order?
  4. What is the special cheer that the fans sing for Jorge when he does well?
  5. What year did the Yankees last win a World Series?
  6. What former Yankees' pitcher did the Yankees just re-acquire? (2007 season)
  7. Mariano Rivera is from which country?
  8. Does Derek Jeter have any siblings? If so, brother or sister and their name?
  9. In what year will the new Yankee Stadium be ready for use?
  10. Who are the Yankees': Owner, General Manager, Manager, and Captain in that order?
  11. Alex Rodriguez is Columbian.
  12. What player on the Yankees is also known as the "sandman"?
  13. Which of the following are married and has at least one child?
  14. Who is always the leadoff man in the line-up?

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Quiz topic: Am I Really a Yankee Fan?