teenage luv ~part 4~

number 4 (just incase you can't READ THE TITLE. lol. so if you want or can you can give me ideas that could happen during the story and i will probably use them, just to let you readers or quiz takers or what ever you want to be called know. =D

the guys: harry-shy,kind, cute and gets jealus easily,terquise eyes,freckles,dark brown hair. sage- independent, lovable,cute, HOT, green eyes, black hair with a swept fringe. nik- smart,mean when his angry or sad, very friendly once he gets to know people or when his happy, light brown hair, brown eyes. phillip- friendly,nice,cute, brown hair with 3 blonde streaks in his fringe, hazel eyes. dion-browny-orange hair with a swept fringe like sages and hazel eyes.

Created by: Shannon
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  1. As your almost at your house you see nik, sage and harry walking together except harry and sage are fighting and nik's trying to stop them. What are you gonna do?
  2. You go over and do the right thing and try and stop them from fighting once they finally listen to you and nik you yell "WHAT WERE YOU TWO DOING?!" sage and harry both look at you and look disapointed in themselves then harry says excitedly "hey do you want to come with us to the park?". Should you?
  3. "For a little while" you say "yayayayayayayay" all of them say and you all continue to walk to the nearest park. When you get there your pretty tired and sit down on the park bench while the others are playing around having a great time you get up after a while and join them and as your running around you trip over and aare crying the first one to rush over to you is harry and he tries to make you feel better and helps you up but you can't walk so sage carries you home after you say bye to harry and nik and give harry a big kiss. Once you get home your mum (who used to be a doctor tells you and sage that you had sprained your ancle and couldn't go to school for a while.
  4. But the next day your mum drives you to school and tells you to be careful the first person you see when you get to school is dion "what happened to your foot _____?" he asks "well" you say and tell him the story (i don't think i really have to say what happened as you already know), "ohh thats not good" he says "do you want me to help you around today?" "well it would be nice :)" you say happily and he helps you to your next class which is maths. About 10 or 15 minutes later nik comes in and sits next to you like he always does "______ i'm sorry about yesterday with your ancle i should have helped but i didn't know what to do and just stood there" he says not looking at you because he isnt to good with apologies "it's alright but can you help me with this?" you ask and then after a while class is over and time for lunch and nik helps you to find harry and sage before you see them they run to you and give you the biggest hugs you have had "i'm soo sorry about yesterday" says harry quickly before sage said anything and gives you a hug and whispers to you "i will always love you no matter what"
  5. Then sage says "it was a while to get to yours haha, and i'm soo happy that you came to school today instead of staying at home" then he also gives you a kiss.
  6. You turn around and see that nik is standing there looking lonely, you feel so mean when something like this happens and niks around looking lonely so you turn around and give nik a hug and he hugs you back. After a little while of all of youse talking diliza walks over "heyy everyone" she says with a big smile on her face also she doesn't know that you and sage are going out so she walks up to sage and asks he straight away to go out with her.
  7. After she asks sage says "oh sorry i'm going out with ______ didn't you know?" she turns around and looks at you with a heart broken look and begins to cry "______ how could you, you knew i liked him then you do this?!" and she runs away. Then it's all eyes on you as you run away really slowly cause your ancle hurts you accidentally run into dion "oh sorry dion i'm just really confused and stuff" you say really quickly so you can run away again, as your about to run he grabs your arm and says "i found a place that's good to think and takes you to under some stairs where no one whould be able to see you. You both sit together for a while and as you almost drift off to sleep suddenly the bell goes and wakes you up.
  8. So you get up and say see ya to each other and off to your next class which is art. As your sitting by yourself harry comes and sits over next to you and says softly hoping that no one else in the class can hear "can you please go out with me? =(" "harry, you know i'm going out with sage if he does something really bad that offends me then i will think about it" you say also quietly but a little angrily, and you both start sketching and later on do a painting with harry. Finally the day comes to an end and you exit the class and go outside near the bus stop but phillip isnt there but as your walking off you feel someone hug you "sage get off me i'm not in the mood" you say "hahaha i'm not sage" says the person from behind that is still hugging you, you turn around and it's phillip! "You know...." he begins to say staring at you but then looks down and see's your ancle "what happened to your ancle is it okay?" he says looking worried as your staring at his beautiful eyes you say "ohh yea it's fine, i have to go sorry we will see each other soon though ;)" "okay, byee" and you begin to walk off.
  9. "Oh i think i heard my phone" you think to yourself and take it out of your pocket to find a text message that reads, hi ______ come and meet me NOW near the park you went to yesterday, see you soon. But it had no name so you go to meet who ever it is when you get there you can't see anyone but you can hear someone talking, softly, to you so you turn around and see a guy with blonde hair and very light blue eyes he says "hi ______ i'm jack". thenn...?
  10. _-_-_who would you want to be with most_-_-_

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