teenage luv ~part 2~

Second part to my story like i said before some of the characters are based on some of my friends. also its about when you go to a knew school and the only person you know there is your best friend diliza but soon you will meet some guys and mean people and challenges.

the guys: harry-shy,kind, cute and gets jealus easily,terquise eyes,freckles,dark brown hair. sage- independent, lovable,cute, HOT, green eyes, black hair with a swept fringe. nik- smart,mean when his angry or sad, very friendly once he gets to know people or when his happy, light brown hair, brown eyes. phillip- friendly,nice,cute, brown hair with 3 blonde streaks in his fringe, hazel eyes.

Created by: Shannon

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  1. Well anyways, it was harry and he left a note to say that he has to talk to you tommorow near the office at 11 o'clock. Are you planning on meeting him?
  2. you think it would be nice to meet him so when you get to the office and he sees you he runs over and says he needs to tell you something, but in privite and he knew the perfect place to go, by a little garden with birds and flowers and trees. "Wow this place is pretty" you say "thanks =D" he says "but ummm before anyone else asks you can i walk you home?". What do you do?
  3. As your about to answer the bell rings "darn its time for maths" you think "so i'll see you later, ok?" says harry but you just walk off to maths before your late. Your one of the first people their and you take a seat then Nik comes and sits beside you "sorry about yesterday i wasn't in a good mood but I hope we can still be friends" he says kindly "sure why not!" you say "but can you help me with maths im really bad at it" "of course i can help" and he leads you through whats happening but you get all confused and end up stopping "its ok i know you can do it!" he says happily but then the bell goes and its time for lunch. Who are you going to sit with?
  4. Sage walks past and says "hey sup?" "ohh nothing i was just about to go and find someone to sit with during lunch" you say "if you want you can come and sit with me ;)" he says in a flirty way "ok where are we gonna go then?" you say "how about over near the stream?" he asks you but before you answer he holds your hand and takes you to it.
  5. You both sit down on a bench near by and he leans in to kiss you, as you just start kissing harry walks over and he looks devistated and runs away looking like he was going to cry, what do you do?!
  6. You run over to harry and give him a hug and say jokingly "by the way are you going to walk me home or not?" then his sad face turned into a slight smile. Then of course the bell goes yo both say good bye and then he gives you a peck on the cheeck blushes and then rushes away. You have english and you needed to get a book while you go down to the library you see sage and he offers to come as well while your searching for a book you remember that sage never told you the thing he was going to tell you so you say "umm sage what was the thing you were going to tell me when you were walking me home?" "oh nothing it doesn't matter forget about it" he says quickly and sharply "please tell me sage" you say with a sad but cute face "oh fine i can't say no to you" he says " i have known you for a long time, since we were little but i don't think you would remember me but we were friends when we were around 4 years old" "ohhh" you say and then leave the library but by the time you get back to class its home time. What to do now....
  7. well before you do anything harry finds you outside when your about to talk to phillip but as you walk past him with harry he turns around and says "hi ______! How was your day?" you reply quickly with "heyy phillip, mine was good bt i have to talk later sorry bye!" and you stroll away with harry by your side. It was a silent walk which made it awkward "oh im sorry" harry suddenly says "but i remembered that i have training for bass today so i have to go, bye" but as he walks away you turn around and give him a big kiss and a hug
  8. when you get to school the next day you see diliza and talk to her but she looks upset "what happened, are you okay?!!" you ask suddenly she looks at the ground and then back at you and says "i no that sage likes you and not me because he told me he would love to go out with you" "ohh wow" you say. She must like him if she looks so sad then so you walk away and try and find , when you finally find him he says:
  9. "hi ______" he says and gives you a little peck "hi sage" you say happily "umm i really really want to ask you something, but in private" he says quietly "ok sure" and he takes you by the hand to the little stream again "_____ i love you will you PLEASE go out with me?" you say?
  10. you say "sure" he is soo happy but then.....
  11. soo who are you liking now?

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