How are you spending your teenage years?

Your teenage years are very very important. Its your last chance to really have fun and get loose. Do you really think you are living your life to its fullest?

Are you an actual Teenager? Do you think you actually qualify as a normal kid? Put yourself to the true test that will just take a few minutes. Check it Outt!!!

Created by: Tommy Walsh
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You hang out with your friends _____ days a week?
  2. When your asked to do something weird you______
  3. Finals are coming up on Friday, Thursday night the most popular kid in school is throwing a party, your crush will be there. Do you.....
  4. Pick a color
  5. Have you been in trouble with cops?
  6. Parents are....
  7. You have tried drugs or alcohol
  8. Can your friends convince you to do about anything?
  9. How mant times have you been to detention?
  10. This Quiz was?

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Quiz topic: How am I spending my teenage years?