Which Home and Away character are you? (Girls only!)

This quiz is based on an Australian television soapie called "Home and Away". The show is set in a seaside town called Summer Bay, where it is constantly summer time. If you are about to take this quiz, you are probably a fan of the show like me. I created this quiz because I think the different characters on the show are great; they each have their own individual personalities and fashion styles.

I have selected 6 of the female characters (from years 2006-2007) as the results for this quiz. When you finish the quiz, your result will be one of the 6 characters depending on the answers you gave. Because the characters that I have selected range from about 14 years of age to 18 years, the quiz is mainly geared towards teenage girls. P.S. Throughout the results, there seems to be a few square boxes that have appeared in replace of the apostrophes. An error seems to have occurred here, and because I cannot edit the results, I can't remove them. I'm sorry if this causes any hassle or difficulty reading the results.

Created by: Strawberry
  1. Which of the following best describes your fashion style?
  2. Which of the following would you consider to be your favourite items of clothing?
  3. When you open up your wardrobe, what colour do you see everywhere?
  4. What kind of pattern/feature would most likely be found on your tops?
  5. What would your downside most likely be?
  6. Which of the following do you feel most passionate about?
  7. How would you describe your personality?
  8. Which Home and Away guy would you like to have as a boyfriend most?
  9. How do you usually do your hair in the morning?
  10. How high is technology and electronics on your preference list?

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Quiz topic: Which Home and Away character am I? (Girls only!)