teenage luv ~part 3~

ok well as you know this is part 3 and i put a new character in this one hope you like the new and up coming quiz story thingos. If you have any ideas then you can feel free to tell me them using the comment thing once you have taken this. =D

the guys: harry-shy,kind, cute and gets jealus easily,terquise eyes,freckles,dark brown hair. sage- independent, lovable,cute, HOT, green eyes, black hair with a swept fringe. nik- smart,mean when his angry or sad, very friendly once he gets to know people or when his happy, light brown hair, brown eyes. phillip- friendly,nice,cute, brown hair with 3 blonde streaks in his fringe, hazel eyes. dion-browny-orange hair with a swept fringe like sages and hazel eyes.

Created by: Shannon
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  1. So you have agreed to go out with sage and he is really happy but then nik comes over and introduces you and sage to a new guy to the school, he has brown hair that is slightly orange and has a swept fringe that covers one eye (like sage) and has hazel eyes. "hi ______ and sage" says nik "this is a new guy to our school called dion" "hi ______ and sage, nik has told me a bit about you" says dion "oh really?" you and sage say and just as you were going to invite him come with you and your friends at lunch the bell goes. What to do now?
  2. Your pretty thirsty so you go to get a drink from the shop down the road on your way there you see phillip you quickly walk over because he is on his way to his school, once you catch up to him you jump in front of him and say "hi phillip, can you come to the shop with me?" "well i'm running late for school but okay" he says so as your walking down the road your having a little convosation when you see harry running up the road "where are you going?! we have geography and your walking somewhere the OPPOSITE way from school with this guy?" he says in an angry sort of way "well harry i was going to get a bottle of watter from the shop with my good friend phillip" you say like a smart allac while phillip is standing there looking shocked but in a cute way. Who do you decide to go with?
  3. You think about it for a while and go to school where you can get a drink from the bubbler (even though the water from it tastes weird) and say "bye phillip i'll see you after school" "okay ______ bye see you later" and you both walk your seperate ways. Now your about 15 minutes late for geography and when you get there your teacher looks furious "TAKE A SEAT AND BE SURE THAT YOU DON'T BE THIS LATE EVER AGAIN" says your teacher very angrilly, one of the only seats left was next to dion so you sit next to him and start talking and he makes you laugh by telling you funny jokes. After what seems to be a little while its lunch time "uh-oh who am i going to sit with?" you think to yourself.
  4. Well somehow all your friends are sitting with each other already so you decide to join them. When you get there they all make a bit of room for you and you end up sitting next to sage and nik. When you sit down sage starts kissing you and ends up making out with you. Once you finally push him off you, you turn around and look at every one they look so shoked but the one that looks the most shoked is harry and he also looks very sad like his heart is torn apart, Which makes you feel sad as well then sage and harry begin fighting about it. What are you going to do to stop it?
  5. You end up yelling at them to stop and start getting teary eyed. "Is sage just using me to show off infront of your other friends?" you think but then the bell goes and it's time for history which you don't really get, but! it's lucky that nik's in your class so you sit next to him. What was that all about at lunch with sage making out with you?" he says. Yea what was with that?
  6. "errr....well...were going out now" you say "WHAT! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA OF HOW HARRY WOULD FEEL IF SOMEONE TOLD HIM?" he yelled and then you realise that sage was in harry's class now, and right at that moment of thinking that's when sage was rubbing it in harry's face as nik said he was devistated and started crying and ran to the bathroom while sage was giggling away to himself. Anyways during your class nik was helping you like he always does now while you were trying not to think about what sage whould have told harry. Once the bell finally went you ran straight to the classroom harry and sage where in to find harry still teary eyed "how could you ______ i thought you knew how i felt for you while sage is slightly showing you off even thought he does love you" harry said looking very sad "oh no what have i done" you think to yourself and then you give harry a hug and tell him how sorry you are. Where are you off to now?
  7. You go with harry and finally find sage when you do you say "sage i know that your pretty happy that your my boyfriend but please don't show off in front of my friends i mean look at harry" sage turns from you and looks at harry who is hugging you like a little kid and then says to harry "i'm sorry i didn't mean to make you sad and i didn't know that you liked her so yea... i'm sorry" harry looks up at sage and quickly turns and whispers to you "can we please go because i want to tell you something and i don't feel like being around sage" you nod and tell sage that that you have to do something and then leave with harry. When you get out of view of sage harry takes your hand gently and starts running to some place so you follow.
  8. He takes you to a room that looks like it hasn't been used in ages but semi clean. Once you get there he lets go of your hand and says "you know i love you and if you were my girlfriend i would give you this" and takes out a gold neclace with a heart on it and a key, you feel like you are going to cry and then you say "i'm sorry harry but i can't just dump sage" once again he takes your hand and says softly "please wear it....for me" you agree and he puts it on you. When he is about to kiss you at the perfect moment of course the bell goes meaning lunch is over.
  9. When you walk out of the room dion is walking past while listening to music you walk next to him and he gets a shock "ohh you scared me ______ but hi, also i heard about you and sage congrats" he says "oh you did.... who told you?" you say trying to make sure no one hears you "well sage has been telling everyone even diliza" he says also quietly figuring it would be better "oh no dilizas probably devistated" you say and then realising that your near your class "oh see ya dion" you say suddenly "oh bye bye ______" and then walk into your classroom for music and from where your sitting you can see phillip playing soccer as he has p.e and your schools are next to each other.
  10. Finally school ends and your going outside and you see phillip "hi phillip i saw you playing soccer with your friends" you say "ohh hey ______ haha i probably looked funny didn't i?" he says laughing "well acctually you looked pretty okay" you say as your looking at the ground hoping to get a good reaction "...thanks, oops my bus is here gotta go bye" he says quickly as he walks onto the bus, when your nearly at home you see nik and....
  11. soooo just out of curiosity who are you liking now?

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