Which fnaf 4 teaser are you?

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I'm back and today I brought my friends so they can ask questions!We will see which nightmare animatronic you are!(any after July 18 will not be included)

So,will you be Nightmare Springtrap,Nightmare Foxy,or maybe someone mysterious?Find out on this quiz today! Chica:Yeah lets hope nothing weird happens.I'll make us some pizza!

Created by: Shadowla
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  1. Me:I know the titles of some fnaf songs its just that I don't listen to some songs often/at all.So...yeah favorite song?
  2. Me:Favorite color?(I aint scared)
  3. Me:Favorite animatronic?
  4. Me:My favorite question!Favorite youtuber?
  5. Me:Are you famous in any way?
  6. Me:Springtrap!Ask your fabulous question!! :D Springtrap:Favorite place? Me:I count that as fabulous!!
  7. Me:Next is Foxy. Foxy:Did ye think me cause 'the bite of 87'?
  8. Me:Bonnie you're next! Bonnie:Do you play instruments?If so,which one?
  9. Me:Freddy you're up! Freddy:What do you do when you are bored?
  10. Me:Chica!Your turn! Chica:Favorite food? all:oh god...
  11. ?:HeLlO!NiCe To MeEt YoU! Me:*golden freddy jumpscare* Springtrap:*crawls in the vents* Foxy:*runs off* ?:WhO aRe YoU?
  12. ?:*disappears* Me:*comes back with a torn ear,and one golden freddy eye*Oh thank god you are ok!
  13. all:Bye!

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Quiz topic: Which fnaf 4 teaser am I?