Who Is Your Fnaf Boyfriend?

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Do you like fnaf? Did you know some animatronic could love you? Well now you do! Take this quiz to find out! [rahhhhh!]FOXY NO GET OFF! CHICA!

Are you golden freddy's girlfriend? Or foxy's or freddy's or chica bonnie's or springtraps? Take this quiz to find out[golden freddy :also subscribe![shut up golden freddy.

Created by: julia

  1. Who do you like in fnaf?
  2. What is your fav color?
  3. Do you belive in slender man?
  4. What is your weapon?
  5. Will you coment? Nicely?
  6. Who likes the game'Minecraft'?
  7. Who wants to die and wait?
  8. Finnaly I'm running out of qwetions! Ok do you like the marionette?
  9. Ummm lets see... When do you go to bed?
  10. Do you wear make up?
  11. Ok please like and subscribe. Fate anybody?

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