How well do you know fnaf

A lot of people like fnaf, but do they know much about it?(Most people do) By taking this quiz, you showed what you know about fnaf. I hope you enjoyed it.

You might have done bad, you might have done good. I'm just happy you tried. fnaf is fun. This quiz shows you knowledge of it. This quiz is meant to be simple, but if you don't do so good, that's okay.

Created by: Katherine

  1. Who is the most hated animatronic?(given a baaad nickname)
  2. Who attacks you if you don't wind up the stupid music box in fnaf 2?
  3. What is another name for Mangle?
  4. What animatronic can you NOT trick using the mask in fnaf 2?
  5. Which of these is NOT an animatronic in fnaf 3?
  6. Who are the four animatronics in fnaf 1? (look at the custom night, they will be there.)
  7. What does Chica and Toy Chica hold?
  8. Who is the creator of fnaf1,2, and 3?
  9. Who in fnaf 2 laughs, says, "hi," and says, "hello"?
  10. Last question, what does Golden Freddy's jumpscare look like?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know fnaf