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Mike:Hi there!Sorry but Shadowla is still missing so we decided to talk with you!There will be me,Springtrap,Mangle,Vincent,Scott,and Chica! The Marionette,Foxy,Toy Freddy,and Balloon Boy are looking for Shadowla.We muted Toy Freddy's voice because Shadowla doesn't want to hear him.After all he is rude...the last time we heard his voice was when she was in 8th grade and she wanted him to shut up and wither him.

Mangle:That is beside the point Mike!Anyway,we really hope that you enjoy this quiz because we will ask questions that we wouldn't ask on a normal day!Won't that be fun?Let's begin!

Created by: Shadowla

  1. Vincent:What quiz do you want to do
  2. (SKIP THIS IF U DIDN'T PICK RANDOM) Springtrap:you have 999 bottles of milk,pass them around how many bottles of milk do you have?
  3. (SKIP THIS IF U DIDN'T PICK NORMAL) Mangle:Favorite pony- Pinkie Pie:*pops out of nowhere*From My Little Pony?
  4. (IF U PICKED I DON'T CARE U CAN DO THE PREVIOUS QUESTIONS & THIS QUESTION) Chica:If Vincent gave you 1987 out of 2017 boxes of juice,with 20 bottles in each box,and you gave 15 boxes to Fritz.How many bottles of juice does Vincent have?
  5. Everyone:ASK OR DARE US ANYTHING! (dare)
  6. Everyone:ASK OR DARE US ANYTHING! (ask)
  8. *Sorry if you picked all you can go back to the previous question(s) and repick your answer* ?:FiNd HeR iF yOu CaN!! Springtrap:I WILL FIND YOU SENPAI! *him and Nightmare Springtrap fights ? and looks for Shadowla with Foxy,Puppet,and BB*
  9. Vincent:I know where she could be!*texted the others that he might know* Mike:Do you want to come too Y/N?
  10. Everyone followed and whether you liked it or not you came too. Vincent:*unlocks door* stay back ok?Someone else is here.Springy? ??:Yes Vincent?I need the light again. Vincent:*turns on flashlight*Springy what happened to you? Springy:I-I'm fine.I don't know about her.*points to me*She seems quiet and hurt too. Vincent:Is there any reason why your voice is faint and look like- Springtrap:Me? Springy:Eeeeeep!S-sorry.Th-there was this animatronic a-and he t-threw this g-girl a-nd w-we tried to s-stop h-him but h-he took us a-a-apart!*sobs* Springtrap:*walks in and examines me*She looks worse than before!Her ears are gone,her face is missing,her left arm is ripped,her right leg is torn up,and her right arm has a missing hand! Withered me:*golden light start glowing on my face*T-TiMe To *die* PlAy!*turns off* Springtrap:OH NO!We have to fix her!Bye! *the results takes place 2 weeks later when you walk in to Fazbear's Frights to see if I was fixed*

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