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Foxy:Yarr matey!Welcome to the quiz!Shadowla,Savannah,and the others will ask ye questions today!So lad/lass are ye ready? me:For Freddy? Foxy:Sorry lass!I didn't see ye comin! me:It's ok Foxy.

Shadowla:Hi there!Sorry if this is a weird quiz!But it is fun!Foxy will be hanging out with us.Hey!Foxy no!Put the beer up!Now! Foxy:Fine lass... *puts beer up* Shadowla:Oh!And be our backup just in case ok? Foxy:Yes lass...:3 Shadowla:Don't even think about taking a beer either. Vincent:Where is the toaster?Someone moved it! Shadowla:I don't know who moved it but they moved it to your room... me:Kawaii! Springtrap:oh dear god... Shadowla:There are 7 different results.You can hang out with the Puppet and listen to music if you want.

Created by: Savannah

  1. Vincent:Pick a word! :)
  2. Mike:Favorite animatronic?
  3. Mjf:You have to admit,Mike's puns were funny...right?
  4. Shadowla:Favorite color? others:wow *sarcastic*
  5. Springtrap:I dare you to say one sentence without the words kawaii and beer!!
  6. Jeremy:Favorite food/drink?
  7. Shadowla:Favorite movie?
  8. me:Kawaii! :3 Springtrap:oh god...
  9. Springtrap:*animatronic screech*
  10. G. Freddy:Who do you want to win in a Death Battle:Balloon Boy or Springtrap? Springtrap:*points to himself*me. G. Freddy:I heard that! Springtrap:Aww man. :c
  11. All:Bye!
  12. Shadowla:We were joking!
  13. Shadowla:Who would you rather kiss:Balloon Boy,Freddy,Old Bonnie,Phantom Foxy,or the Marionette?None is not an option!Mwhehehehehe!I'm so evil!>:3
  14. Springtrap:K-k-Kawaii! :3 *turns into kawaii springtrap*
  15. Vincent:Toast!
  16. Shadowla:Bye!

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