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Me:You know the story about the souls and the killer and the other unsolved mysteries,right? Well this quiz will test which view(Purple Guy or the souls) you will be in. *Shadowla and I will try to be serious and act like detectives for this quiz,just to let you know*

But which side will you be in:the good side or the bad side?Will you be the killer(purple guy) or the souls that possess the animatronics?You will find out if you take this quiz today!!

Created by: Savannah

  1. Shadowla:Sorry to keep you waiting,but have you been caught doing something bad?
  2. me:Have you ever murdered before
  3. Shadowla:Were you a witness or a victim during any crime?
  4. me:Hobby?
  5. Shadowla:Were you an inoccent victim during a murder?
  6. me:Which character do you HATE the most?
  7. Shadowla:Which character is your favorite out of these?
  8. Shadowla & me:Favorite colors
  9. me:Favorite fnaf game
  10. Shadowla & me:Bye!

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Quiz topic: My FNAF story