What type of FNaF animatronic are you?

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What type of FNaF Animatronic are you? come find out if you dare... This is almost completely bias free to give you the most accurate results. PLEASE COMMENT

Well this is it you're here to find out what type of FNaF animatronic you are. Are you a Toy Animatronic or a Phantom Animatronic. or are you something else?

Created by: Aquila
  1. You can either save yourself or someone else, but if you take to long you'll both die. So, which do you choose?
  2. You've just been offered your greatest desire at the expense of an evil person's life, you would?
  3. Something you have been waiting for is taking a while, longer than you expected, You?
  4. You are or have that one annoying friend.. how do you feel about them?
  5. Your friend jokingly offends you, how do you react?
  6. What do you do in your free time?
  7. Do you lie or are you honest?
  8. If you could choose the characteristics of your clone they would be?
  9. Almost there...
  10. describe yourself... (this is when you turn your device to your friend and yell at them to choose)
  11. Your Favorite food?
  12. What do ya want? (ONLY BIAS)
  13. Last question, what is your favorite place?

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Quiz topic: What type of FNaF animatronic am I?