Five nights at freddys bff

Okay, so people love FNAF, yeah, I freakin get that, but who is truly the animatronic for you? Everyone has an animtronic that fits best to them, your bestie!

Are YOU an animatronic? Do you have the power to live with your animatronic bestie for even a second? Friednly, mean, singer, killer who knows! Get your bestie here!

Created by: Cole
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  1. Me: Hey, I'm Shadowfright, okay? I'm gonna give you some quetsions. What do you like best?
  2. Me: Okay, I just knew it. Now, where in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza do you like to be?
  3. Me: Great, I'm with Pirates Cove. Which of these animatronics are your favriote?
  4. Me: Oh, by Springtrap, I hate this quiz... uh... What's your fav color?
  5. Me: Oh, what the heck, why fix it if it aint broke, right?
  6. Me: I'm bored out of my head. What do you want to do?
  7. Me: I LOVE FNAF!!!
  8. Me: Quiz almost over, guy/girl
  9. Me: Question 11!
  10. Me: Didda enjoy the quiz?

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