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These are the fnaf songs that I know and I love.Do you know or like them too?Cause I love these songs and that is a true fact Jack!!!!!!!! :P

Do you know all the lyrics to the cool fnaf songs?Take this quiz to find out!And please be polite,kind,and friendly!Pretty please with rainbow sprinkles on top? :3

Created by: Savannah

  1. Hope you'll be ______,I hope this is what you desire.(Die in a fire by the living tombstone)
  2. free from the truth,________.(Balloons by Mandopony)
  3. We have a few rules,_____,we'll be forced to rewire u and repay your damaged parts(Survive the night by Mandopony)
  4. follow me,___,follow,folow,follow,follow but the truth is hard to swallow(Follow me by Tryhardninja)
  5. 12am you sit and stare,1am I start the fair,2am I zip and zoom,3am I come for you,4am s*** just got real,5am you know the deal,_____(It's time to die by DAgames)
  6. oh I could throw you in a lake,or feed you poisiond b-day cake,__________(Purple guy can't decide by Diestab)
  7. im the phone guy,___,watch the hours on the clock(Not here all night by DAgames)
  8. some bots are just distractions,_______(Just gold by Mandopony)
  9. tonight you're staying with a _____(Just an attraction by Tryhardninja)
  10. we've been all alone,stuck in our little zones,____(Fnaf by The living tombstone)
  11. spend the night,then you'll find,_____(It's me by Tryhardninja)
  12. it's been so long,______,lost to this monster(It's been so long by The living tombstone)

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