How Well Do You Know FNAF?

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Hi everyone! Let's see how well YOU know FNAF! I haven't read any books or played more that ONE game ONE time, but I have heard of it watched people play it and stuff like that. I don't know much of it probably. But let's see if YOU do.

I don't know many of their songs either, too, but I do know how to play their fnaf games, well.. I don't know about Security Breach or Help Wanted but I do enjoy the art and gaming. I am planning to read their books, too, and just so you know, most of the time I am Googling most of my questions but anyways, I hope you enjoy! :)

Created by: Sen_Si

  1. What is FNAF?
  2. What's Withered Chica's line?
  3. What is Freddy?
  4. What does FNAF mean?
  5. Who was the bear mascot of Fredbear's Family Diner?
  6. What color is Freddy fixed?
  7. What color is Bonnie fixed?
  8. How many FNAF games are there?
  9. What is Rockstar Chica scared of?
  10. What does Rockstar Freddy say?
  11. How many books are there of FNAF?
  12. Which month was FNAF released?
  13. Who haunts Springtrap?
  14. What year was it when Fredbear's Family Diner bite happen?
  15. Who is William Afton?
  16. Is there going to be a FNAF movie?
  17. What version of animatronics is FNAFSL?
  18. Who did Fredbear bite?
  19. Who did Circus Baby hurt?
  20. Who's birthday was it in 1983?
  21. What is Bon-Bon?

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