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Hello! This is my FNAF/Afton quiz. The Afton questions take up the first section of the test and then the rest are questions about the animatronics and offices.

The questions may be wrong as I have different thoughts than you might have so please don't scold meh on that. I have tried to make this quiz as accurate as possible. Enjoy!

Created by: Unknown_Pumpkin of The Afton Family Song
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  1. Who is William Afton?
  2. What forms does William have?
  3. How did William die
  4. Who is Michael Schmit-Emily?
  5. Why is his name Michael Schimt-Emily and not Michael Afton?
  6. How did Michael die?
  7. Who is Elizabeth Afton?
  8. Does Elizabeth like ice cream?
  9. How did Elizabeth die
  10. Who is C.C. Afton?
  11. What year did C.C. die?
  12. What animatronic(s) does C.C. possess?
  13. How did C.C. Die
  14. Is Mrs. Afton a canon character?
  15. Which animatronic is not canon? This one is a friend of mine's.
  16. Which animatronic is not in FNAF 3?
  17. Which animatronic is a DLC for FNAF 4?
  18. How many tvs are there on the FNAF one office?
  19. What animatronic does Elizabeth posess in the canon story?
  20. How many animatronics are in Ultimate Custom Night?
  21. Who is the Creator of FNAF?
  22. Who is the guitarist in the FNAF 1 Band?
  23. Who do you see in the Fredbear's Family Diner helping someone into a springlock suit?
  24. Who possesses Puppet?
  25. Now, Onto the games!

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